Once you have landed your first graduate job it may feel a little daunting. You have worked so hard for all that time, applying to one graduate vacancy after another and finally you receive an offer and you are in full time employment with a foot on that first rung of the ladder.

At first you may exhale with relief, but then you realise that you can't rest now, in fact now you have to work harder than you ever have done previously. It can all seem a bit overwhelming so what should one do to best handle the situation of filling a graduate vacancy?

What to expect:
At first, expect to be tired and a little drained every day. It can be quite a shock to the system for many graduates who are used to having a rather large amount of free time to be getting up early and working seven or eight hours every day. This is especially true if you are commuting, the journey can add a couple of hours on at either end making it a twelve or thirteen hour day which many graduate naturally find exhausting.

If this is you, do not worry. As you continue it becomes normal and your body and brain adapt to the schedule. Just make sure you get eight hours of sleep every night and you will begin to ponder at how lazy you were at University - this is why every graduate gets very snooty about students, you will start to experience that too! Most people will tell you that after two to three weeks in their graduate job they felt fine.

How to handle it:
You are working for someone now, which means they are paying for your services. Remember that working hard and concentrating are therefore essential because if you get slack you are not just letting yourself down any more but others who are putting up a lot of cash with the expectations of you to perform. If you consistently don't perform then that graduate job that you have will soon become a graduate vacancy and you will be back to crawling the job market.

This may feel like a lot of pressure but simply remember to put in maximum effort at all times. The best and easiest way to do this is to find pride in your work; you are fulfilling a valuable and essential role within the company or institution. What you do has an effect on not just the company and your employers but can have a direct impact on people and society in general. That is important, and the more you appreciate that and put effort into your work the better the results will be and the happier your employers will feel that you filled their graduate vacancy.

The future:
Remember also that the graduate job you have is not static, the moment you secured it a host of other opportunities presented themselves to you. Promotions, pay rises, bonuses and valuable experience are all things that can help keep you motivated and that you should be assigning as personal targets. Employment is dynamic rather than stagnant and the more you progress and improve personally the more it will show and the further you will progress both personally and professionally.