Finding Your Perfect Job Through Social Media

Graduating from uni can be a very unnerving time, not only are we flung out into the 'real world', the rose-tinted dream that we will walk into our dream job will (for most of us) come crashing down around our ears very quickly!

Especially in the current economic climate, finding any form of work, let alone a dream career, is trickier than ever, and it is important that graduates become more ingenious in their job hunt than ever before. Using social media for this search can often be overlooked as people trawl job sites, visit job centres and tear their hair out!

When I graduated, I faced exactly these problems, and I decided the best way around this was to get a little bit creative in my job search.

I needed to find a job in Sheffield and ideally working in marketing, in particular social media and online which I guess gave me the best footing to decide to set about looking for work in this way, yet it will work for any career. After deciding Twitter and LinkedIn were probably my best bets when it came to finding work online, I set about figuring out the best ways to embark on my hunt.

Obviously on LinkedIn it is pretty straight forward where to go for your job hunt. In particular the students and careers section of the job site was good, and I found joining groups about your area of interested also brought quite a few jobs to my attention that I hadn't seen when scouring job sites.

However, what worked best for me was Twitter. Often, the smaller local businesses don't have the budget to invest in pricey agency fees so their job will be advertised in a lot fewer places. Local businesses are also sometimes a lot more likely to take a chance on a proactive graduate that has found and come to them. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are the best free publicity around and I in fact found out about my current job through a tweet!

The tactic that I employed was to download Tweetdeck, a great twitter monitoring tool and set up various columns comprising of significant phrases, which Tweetdeck would then pull through every time any tweets featured them. For example, some searches that worked great for me were:

'Looking for graduate'
'Vacancy Sheffield'
'Graduate roles in'
'Graduates wanted'

This simple trick enables you to keep track of anyone looking for jobs on Twitter and lets you be quick off the mark when it comes to responding and getting your CV in front of the right people!

Not only does job hunting on social media enable you to find those less publicised vacancies with hopefully less competition, you can showcase a little bit about yourself and your talents. Start a blog,write about your desired industry and show off your expertise and tweet about your posts. If you are doing this and then tweet at a potential employer when they tweet a vacancy, they may click on your profile, see your tweeting history and realise that you know your stuff, even before they have your CV!

Personal branding on social media is so important when trying to put yourself a cut above the competition in today's tricky job climate, by showing your skills, making relevant contacts and finding job opportunities.

Go to Facebook page to find out more or check out this personal branding series from Ideasbynet for further info on how you can develop your own brand on social media and increase your employability.

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