Survive and Thrive: A Graduate’s Guide to Life after University - Review

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Survive and Thrive: A Graduate’s Guide to Life after University. By Sophie and Julie Phillipson (available from Amazon and good bookshops)

Our 2023 temp check did show that confidence in graduates is up, with more than 60% of students and graduates feeling confident they will secure their dream jobs. However, entering the graduate space and leaving the safe haven of education can be daunting. It can leave you feeling worried about the future, unsure about choices, and concerned about finances and friendships.

However, the ultimate guide to graduate life is here, from navigating you through your student loan to helping you meet new people, and co-authors Sophie and Julie Phillipson provide answers for questions you haven’t even thought about yet.

“Rather like having a career and life coach in book form, Survive & Thrive guides you through all the things people seem to expect you to already know” – Survive & Thrive: A Graduate’s Guide To Life After University

This book is packed full of genuinely helpful advice and activities to kick-start your new adult life. There’s a page on mind mapping so you can learn how to set achievable goals that won’t feel out of reach. Or head over to the well-being chapter to learn how to prioritise your health in manageable ways without breaking the bank. And there are four sections covering different aspects of careers, spanning everything from weighing up your options, to where to find work experience and job opportunities, how to get your CV and LinkedIn profile in order, and how to nurture and tap into your network. This book finds a beautiful balance in providing the advice we all need to hear while making sure you remember to enjoy this new post-university chapter.

Maintaining a healthy and active social life is a big worry for new graduates and, with social media displaying the best part of your peers' lives every time you open your phone, it’s difficult to not compare their social network to yours. However, Sophie and Julie address anxieties about making new friends, with practical advice on how to make new connections by rekindling new hobbies or volunteering. They also cover how to handle the move back home. Our research regarding the cost-of-living crisis showed us that moving house is a big concern for new graduates, with 77% agreeing that the location they want to work in has been impacted by the rise in living costs. 1 in 4 have had to ask their family for help with living costs, making it even scarier to take that jump and move away.

Moving back home can be especially difficult when you are unsure where your career path is heading. Remember those career quizzes you did in secondary school? In this book’s comprehensive careers section you will find a short quiz to help determine your priorities and how this can reflect back onto your career. Alongside easy-to-understand definitions and a full exploration of every avenue a graduate can take, this section gives anyone who is feeling unsure the ability to look at all their options.

This book has all the practical advice you need in a format that feels fresh and fun. It’s a comprehensive overview of everything a new graduate needs to know and do – and Sophie and Julie manage to make you feel like it was your idea the entire time.

So, if you are ready to take the plunge and enter the graduate space, find hundreds of opportunities here and apply today!

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