How to handle fresher's flu

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The dreaded fresher’s flu, EVERYONE is bound to get it at some point. Whether you are a first year, going out and exploring your new town/campus, or a final year, who still cannot let go of those two weeks of partying, freshers’ flu will get you at some point!

After going out clubbing or drinking in bars with friends, and socialising with loads of new faces, bugs and bacteria spread like wildfire. But the inevitable fresher’s flu shouldn’t stop you from partying your way through university. So here are some helpful tips on how to survive and handle it:

  • Sign up to your university doctors – having a GP close by is really important in case you need medical help, and you catch a severe case of freshers' flu.

  • Stock up on classic cold and flu medication – or make them an essential when you pack for Uni! So, paracetamol, ibuprofen, cold and flu tablets, cough medicine and sweets, and nasal inhalers – even if you don’t end up using them, it's good to have them there so you don’t have to panic by when you become ill and trust us… if you go to your local supermarket during freshers – you will struggle to find cold and flu medicine as everyone will be feeling it too!

  • Eat fruit and vegetables – diet can play a big part in your health and recovery from fresher's flu. It's important to have lots of nutrients in your body to help you recover quicker.

  • Most importantly, Sleep! Your body also needs to rest to recover from any sort of illness, so as tempting as going out every night is, remember you also need sleep so you can go out and party even harder.