7 Tips for writing a CV with no experience

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Worried about writing a CV with no experience? Have no fear - the process of writing a CV is rather a fun one. It's all about reminding yourself, and discovering for the first time, your unique qualities.

Refer to this guide and ace the CV writing process - you'll quickly discover that you have more experience than you realise.

Read on to find out how to write a CV with no experience!

How to write a CV with no experience in 7 steps

If you're a fresh graduate with no work experience as of yet, don't worry - there are a number of ways to sell yourself regardless. We've come up with 7 steps on writing the perfect CV:

1. Identify your most impressive attributes

Start by sitting down and listing all the things you're good at, even if you don't have a lot of work experience.

Know how to make a great goal assist on your football team? Then you know how to work as a team. Enjoy baking for your friends and family? That shows creativity and initiative.

2. Add a cover letter

A covering letter or personal statement is an excellent addition to any CV, particularly if you're a graduate and don't have tonnes of professional experience. So, introduce yourself and state your career objectives in relation to the job vacancy.

3. Show off your skills instead of work experience

Worried about a non-existent employment section on your CV? Then create a skills-based CV template, and list some that you've developed.

Do some research into valuable skills for employers: such as communication, integrity, teamwork and creativity and back them up with evidence from your hobbies and educational history. Simple!

4. Don't overlook your practical skills

You may be forgetting some of the most obvious skills that you take for granted. If you speak another language or have a full driving licence, put it in there.

Digital natives also downplay the importance of being a social media or computer program whizz, which is particularly important in the workplace these days.

5. List your degree near the top of your CV

Don't be afraid to play around with the structure of your graduate CV to sell yourself better. Instead of listing the employment section right at the top, include your recently acquired degree and a skills section.

6. Include extra-curricular activities

Any experience is valuable, including any volunteering or student engagement you took part in at uni. Just because you weren't paid, doesn't mean it isn't valuable!

7. Make it yours

Your CV should be unique, just like yourself. If you competed in a chess championship, or once did a skydive for charity, you should include it. It's sure to make you memorable.

Got some ideas on how to sell yourself? Bookmark this guide on how to write a CV with no experience and get ready to write a killer resume. Find more graduate CV advice on the graduate-jobs website.

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