Why a career in recruitment could be for you

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As one of the biggest industries out there, it's no surprise to see that a career in recruitment is shaping up to be one of the most appealing options for graduates right now. That’s because of the skills you’re going to learn along the way which will help you either progress quickly within the sector or be a great building block if you decide on other options.

Here we bring to you the benefits of a career in recruitment and some of the transferable skills you’ll learn along the way.

Benefits you'll receive from working in recruitment:

1. High flexibility and autonomy

Recruitment offers a high independence when it comes to the job alongside. There is room to bring your own unique approaches to the job.

2. Lots of variety

You’ll be surprised at the varied opportunities within recruitment. The industry is diverse and will cover all sectors as well as the opportunity to work either as an in-house recruiter for a company, or within a recruitment agency which will work with multiple employers to source candidates for them. Every day is different in a recruitment role, and you’ll get to work with lots of talented people with different skill sets, from various cultures on a day-to-day basis.

3. Career progression and development

A career in recruitment will mean you’ll have lots of responsibilities and opportunities to build up management skills. Many recruiters offer graduates advanced training programmes, and you can expect promotions from talented graduate resources from anything between 3-12months of starting.

4. It’s a fulfilling career path

The high level of interaction with candidates can be extremely rewarding, especially as you are having a positive impact in people’s lives by helping people land dream jobs or helping a client hire the right person to grow their business.

5. High earning potential

Besides your base salary (average of £25,710), the commission models mean you have uncapped earning potential. If you enjoy having clear goals and targets, then a career in recruitment could be perfect for you.

Transferable skills you’ll learn in a recruitment role that will make you stand out in any industry:

1. Communication Skills

Recruiters rely on their ability to establish connections. So having great social skills is key, but it doesn’t mean this can’t be developed once being part of the industry. Recruitment agencies offer great training and create the right environment to elevate this asset for their employees.

2. Multitasking

Hiring is lengthy. Between putting job ads, running background checks, interviewing, consulting with the employer and much more, having a competent hand in every aspect of the process is key.

3. Time management

Fundamental for recruitment and important in any job. This one goes along with multitasking, the key is being able to perform several tasks in a controlled time frame.

4. Listening Skills

Hiring candidates demands extreme attention to detail. Listening is the key to finding the right person for the job and to effectively meet an employer's demands.

5. Expectations Management

Expectations are always running high in the recruitment industry. Candidates have an idealised vision in their mind about responsibilities, salary and company culture that comes with the job. On the other hand, hiring managers always expect the best possible candidate available. Managing expectations in both parties and being upfront and honest is vital to ensure their satisfaction.

If you want to start your career in recruitment, take a look at our open roles here.