The Award for Best Graduate Employer 2019/20 goes to...


Graduate Jobs Campaign Performance Awards 2019 / 2020 -

The annual Campaign Performance Awards publicly recognise companies who offer the best graduate opportunities in the UK. The data and awards show us which companies offer the most attractive graduate jobs and schemes in the UK.

The data generated by our student community allows us to understand which campaigns perform best each day and they form our Top50 Graduate Employers ranking system.

How do we establish ‘the best’?

We gather daily engagement data for each company’s graduate campaign - job application rate, job favorites, email opens & click rate, minisites view / application ratio, advertising banner interactions, social media engagement and feedback from our interview review system on both mobile and desktop. Using this data, our in-house algorithm determines which campaigns are most effective and appealing to students and graduates.

The data tends to award companies whose graduate schemes include job descriptions which include details of training, career progression and which give a real insight into the culture of the organisation from interview reviews.

Data is generated daily over 52 weeks to ensure accuracy and to take account of any seasonal trends.

Reece Nicol Operations Director at Ltd, said, "Our aim is to recognise and reward companies who offer the best graduate opportunities regardless of organisation size or employer brand. Our aim is to level the playing field and uncover the heroes. We want a small engineering company employing two graduates to have the same opportunity of being recognised as a graduate recruiter employing 500+ graduates. Our algorithm allows us to do this."

Graduate Jobs Campaign Performance Award Winners 2019 / 2020

The winners of the Campaign Performance Awards for 2019 / 2020 are:

  • Explore Learning
  • Aldi
  • FDM

Explore Learning provides private learning centres located in supermarkets, shopping centres and local high streets across the UK. Explore Learning have been using for their graduate and student attraction since 2009. What set Explore Learning apart was Interview Review feedback with high scores for Pre-attendance information, Interview as a reflection of Culture & Values and Overall impressions of the company.

  Salary: £23,000 - £25,000
Locations: Nationwide (Headquarters: Guildford)
Campaign: 12 months
Recruitment Calendar: Ongoing recruitment throughout 2019/20

Campaign Highlights: Explore Learning had the best 'jobScore' for any campaign on during 2019/20. jobScore is an analysis of jobs view to application rate during a specific period. Awards also take into account Google Analytics data to establish jobScore. Explore Learning's jobScore was .324 with a site average between .134 - .250. Explore Learning's Assistant Director jobs are simply the template for an excellent graduate job advertisement.

Aldi is the common brand of two German family-owned discount supermarket chains with over 10,000 stores in 20 countries have been using since 2005.

  Salary: £44,000
Locations: Nationwide (Headquarters: Atherstone)
Campaign: 12 months
Recruitment Calendar: Ongoing recruitment throughout 2019/20

Campaign Highlights: Aldi's campaign is a a good example of a very good campaign all rounder. jobScore .213, minisiteScore .128 (site avg. .055) and emailScore .112 (site avg. .058). Aldi scored very high in all categories that we use to understand Graduate Campaign Performance hence their appearance in out top three for 2019/20. Aldi combine a trusted, recognisable brand to UK students with a graduate starting salary of £44,000 and company car.

FDM Group is a global leader in the recruit, train, deploy sector and have been using since 2006. FDM performed well across all award criteria but were particularly effective in job application and email response rates

  Salary: £competitive
Locations: Brighton, Glasgow, Leeds & London
Campaign: 12 months Recruitment
Calendar: Ongoing recruitment throughout 2019/20

Campaign Highlights: FDM generated the largest campaign exposure through, job, minisite and email views during the campagn analysis period.

With almost 20 years experience (launched 2000) in the graduate market Ltd is the leading independent graduate job board in the UK. created the first graduate specific CV search system for the UK market allowing employers to access the career aspirations of thousands of UK graduates and students. They pioneered low cost access to student and graduate talent allowing companies a route to hire into entry-level positions at low risk.

2019 began their #keepgoing campaign which is distributed throughout the Top100 Universities in the UK.

With over 1 million registered users is the UK's largest independent graduate job board specialising in providing low cost access to graduate and student talent.