With thousands of students graduating every year and our economy dipping back into recession, it has become ever more so important, when trying to find an employer, to stand out from the crowd.
I decided not to apply for university straight away unlike the majority of my friends. Five years before, my brother had gone to university to study a degree he hated and ended up not completing, twice. So I was determined not to step into his shoes.
I took another year of education to study an Art Foundation at the local college with the hope of becoming clearer of my future career path. All I knew was that I wanted to follow through with something I was passionate about and I wanted to succeed.
Very close to the deadline of university applications, I made the decision to follow a love that I had uncovered a few years before: underwater photography. I applied to only one course, Marine and Natural History Photography at University College Falmouth.
Not long after joining the course I realised it wasn't for me. I didn' t want to be a photographer. It was a passion and a hobby, not a career path (for me). I regretted not deciding on something a little more academic with more possibilities open to me at the end. In spite of it all, I decided to stay on. Luckily the degree did improve over the three years, and, thanks to our efforts, future graduates will get an experience of a lifetime.
Now, a month from the end of my degree, I have more of a clear idea of what I want and how I want to get it than I ever have before. I have had the idea for quite some time; it was just speeded up by an approaching event in my calendar:
The Saatchi X Lift Pitch, on the 27 th of April. I decided to get my idea off the ground so that the wonderful people at Saatchi X would know a little bit about me before I arrived on their doorstep.
I made a website. www.EmployHolly.com . I created a more extensive 'about me' than most CVs, I wanted to be as honest as possible. I placed all of my credentials on one page. And lastly I made a little, one-minute introduction video. I wanted the whole site to say: "Hello, I'm Holly. This is who I am, give me a chance if you like me."
The biggest part about my campaign to find employment is to share with the world the person I am. Why bother lying about who you are? If you get past the interview stage they're going to see the real person beneath anyway, so why not show them from the off? They're either going to love you or hate you. Who wants to work for someone who hates you (and vice versa)?
It's a bit risky, I know, but at the end of the day, it's only going to make both the employer and me happier. They'll know what to expect, and I'll know they're expecting me, and not someone they'v e imagined from a piece of paper.
It highlights me as someone who may not have been noticed in a stack of CVs. I'm sharing a personal element with potential employers.
Until I find employment I intend on updating my videos, sharing with the world a little more about who I am, where I'm going and what I'm doing to find that perfect job.
My website may not be directed at anyone/company in particular, but it is aimed at the creative industries, largely advertising. So I have decided to do it visually and in a way they can connect to. It's not impressive at the moment, as time has being dedicated to my degree, but keep popping back to see how it progresses.
My advice to you and the starting point to my entire campaign: the more you put in the more you get out. So put some effort in and make sure the people you want to employ you know who you are and what you can offer them. If you don't give them a piece of you, they'll never know what they're missing.