The graduate job market has changed significantly over the years in regards to the technology that is readily available to job seekers, the competitive nature but also the landscape in which companies have now set. Therefore, graduates need to be aware and adapt to these changes but also take note on how you can focus on getting a graduate job differently from before.

Using social media

Using social media to find graduate jobs is nothing new. However, it is a great way to assist you in your job search and to find relevant information that you want to know. That is key. One way you can do this is by networking online by using such platforms like LinkedIn but not by just asking for a job out right, merely forming a relationship to gather the information you seek in order to help you.

Developing a targeted list of companies is a great start but using a professional social network such as LinkedIn can be extremely useful to gather very specific information. For instance, you can filter down companies by location, the type of industry, the company size...the list goes on and so does the practical uses! If you incorporate this into your job search, then you can find out more about your targeted companies as well as the people that work for them.

The land of Small to Medium Sized companies

The big graduate schemes are great, but don't forget to keep your options open. SME's can offer graduates great experiences with many giving you a lot of responsibility early on. This therefore provides an opportunity to really develop your skills sets and a platform to learn as much as you can.
Many final year students and graduates do not include SME's into their job search strategy and so miss out. We have a dedicated SME section with the latest vacancies on offer, so do take advantage of that but remember two things. Firstly, you need to be able to really demonstrate that you are right for the job by matching what they look for with your skill sets which I blogged about previously which may help. Secondly, stand out. This is easy to say but ensure all aspects of your application is tailored by using the social media tools available to you as previously mentioned in order to arm yourself with key information. You have nothing to lose, so just go for it!


If you are a recent graduate, there is no rush in finding that ultimate 'dream job' straight away. Many graduates are still unsure on exactly what they want to do after university anyway, so gaining experience whilst seeing what you like (or don't like) is a good initial step after university. Therefore, consider applying to roles that deal with core skills that employers seek such as those with a customer focus and even those that develop key competencies.

Overall, it is difficult out there and so taking a different stance is needed to not only stand out from the crowd, but to make your graduate job search a little less stressful! Check out a recent graduate's job hunting journey for more tips!