If you're thinking of visiting the USA, Canada, Alaska or Mexico - check out where to go with the adventure experts at www.trekamerica.com/8mates.

There's always a best and worst time to visit anywhere... too hot, too crowded, or "you should have been here last week". As North America's 18-38's adventure specialists, we'll put you right in the heart of the action - at the absolute best time to be there!

Where to go and when

• Death Valley
The mercury hits a staggering 570 C in Death Valley, famous as the hottest and driest place in North America. But it cools off enough in January to let you explore its colourful badlands, rugged canyons and golden dunes without being fried like an egg.

•Mardi Gras
They call it the greatest free show in earth, so join the party down Bourbon Street, because there isn't a better time to get a real taste of New Orleans' vibrant culture, funky jazz haunts and delicious Cajun food, than during Mardi Gras.

• St Patricks Day
No city shows off its Irish streak more than the city of Boston, which celebrated America's very first St. Patrick's Day in 1737, and now boosts the biggest St Patrick's Day Parade in the US. Head down to Boston's Harpoon Brewery and bust out your best Irish jig.

• Spring Break
An American college tradition, Spring Break is one wild, fun filled party, kicking off in Panama City Beach, on Florida's turquoise coast. Celebrate being young and loving life at Club La Vela, widely regarded as the ultimate mega beach party venue.

• America's Big 3
For mind-blowing natural scenery, try any of America's Big 3 National Parks - Yosemite, Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon. Hugely popular in the high season, not to mention hot, the month of May lets you escape the crowds and hit the trails with perfect hiking weather.

• Summer Solstice
Need more time in your day, then head to the land of the midnight sun, where Alaskans celebrate the summer solstice or longest day of the year on June 21, when the sun never sets and Alaskans let loose at the annual Bear Tooth Summer Solstice Concert and Party.

• 4th of July
Where better to celebrate Independence Day than the Nations Capitol, Washington D.C., soaking up the legendary Georgetown nightlife and joining the crowds down 'The National Mall', where spectacular firework displays light up the Washington Monument.

• Off the beaten track in Canada
The days are gloriously sunny in Canada through the month of August, with the Canadian Summer at it peak, perfect for jumping headlong into the spectacular wilderness, on our remote overnight canoe trip, complete with your own blazin' camp fire.

• The month for adventure
Utah is North America's undisputed adventure playground and with the edge off the summer heat and the sun setting late enough for long days outdoors, there's endless possibilities for exploration amongst some of North America's most dramatic red rock scenery.

• Mexico's Day of the Dead
A great month to be in Mexico, with the heat and the rains of the summer now over, and the colourful cultures of the many indigenous villages at their most vivid, with the celebration of the Day of the Dead, the most Mexican of all Fiestas.

• Tucson, Arizona
Welcome to 'Old Pueblo', the home of year round sunshine. This historic town will have you feeling all 'wild west' as you explore the cacti studded landscapes of the Sonoran Desert, walking in the footsteps of the infamous bank robber John Dillinger and lawmen Doc Holiday, and Wyatt Earp.

• Las Vegas
The ultimate party destination for the biggest celebration of the year. New Years Eve in the neon madness that is Las Vegas is an experience not to be missed. Cruise the strip in a super stretch limo, bathe in the glow of the Belagio fountain and watch night become day in the city that never sleeps.