This blog is more of an addition to the precious blog than a new topic, because having confessed my deep regrets at not joining a society, I am now running one.
If you've read my other blog entries, you may now know that this is my final semester of university. Despite this, i've managed to become the head of marketing for the Enterprise society here at my university. It's a new society and so we are establishing its foundations at the moment. However, my point here, is that until your final day at university, there is still a chance to do something above and beyond the ordinary whilst developing skill sets that employers love.
As a member of the Enterprise society committee, I know first hand how much a little help can be appreciated. We have recently organised a workshop to meet the new members of the society, which featured some games and a guest speaker who has recently started her own company. Thanks to the help of some volunteers this was a great success. Whilst at the event I was able meet the members for the first time, some of which were also in their final year. One member expressed his disappointment that he had such a small amount of time left at university and that he wouldn't be able to get involved. Since meeting him, he has now been asked to become a reserve for a business competition we are attending. My point here, is that in the very final weeks of his degree, this boy through getting involved in a society, may well be able to do something amazing.
A second point worthy of noting, is that another person who came along to our event, was able to have a chat with the committee. As a result, his personality and enthusiasm alone has caused us to approach him about becoming a deputy committee member immediately. This just goes to show, that despite the plethora of benefits offered by joining a society, there can be some unexpected effects! I should know, I went from no involvement, to running a society.
The event we held was so much fun, that it it cemented to me how grateful I am to have been part of the team. Having mentioned in a previous blog how important it is to add a little something extra to your CV, running this society has done that for me. In addition to this, just coming along to one event will also alter the CV's of two of our members. Who know's what will happen if you get involved in a society, I'd guess amazing things.