Getting that graduate job: Interview tips

Convincing an employer that you are the right person for the job is a tricky thing to do and especially daunting when it comes to an interview situation. However, we have some tips that may be useful as you are likely to come against some tough competition.

Identifying your skills

First of all, to be able to convince employers that you are the best candidate for the job, you need to identify what skills and attributes you have and can match to the role, even if you feel they are not of high value. Quite often, employers are looking for a particular set of values, skill sets and competencies and so think of these beforehand and relate it to your experiences and the role. This will help to convince recruiters that you are not just another job seeker and that they do not need to look further than you.

Sell yourself

Identifying your skills is one thing, but selling yourself to an employer is another. Think why you would make a good employee. Recruiters will decide whether you will fit into the organisations culture so ensure that you expose your personality and individual traits to them. Before an interview, it is also wise to go through your application and CV again to identify your experiences in relation to the role but it also ensures that you are prepared if they ask in depth questions about your experiences both professionally and whilst at university.

Research..and more research!

Lacking knowledge about the company you are being interviewed for is a big set back. You have the opportunity to stand out with this knowledge. Research will also help when it comes to demonstrating commercial awareness. For instance, having a set of questions to ask them about their competitors, past or ongoing projects etc will show the level of enthusiasm and commitment they seek along with your research skills that you would have gained when completing your degree.

Overall, these simple steps will help you when it comes to preparing for that interview. However, you have to really step up in order to impress, be fearless but most importantly, be yourself.
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