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Zurich Insurance graduate scheme 2020

Zurich Insurance

Looking for an exciting career? Thinking about insurance? You should!

If you’re looking for a challenging, dynamic work environment with recognition and rewards for your creativity, innovation and determination, work with us.

We’re a leading multinational insurance company employing over 50,000 people in 170 countries around the world. You’ll be part of a truly diverse network and have all the support that comes with being a key part of a strong and stable company.

We’re looking for interns with the desire and potential to build up a deep understanding of our culture and how we serve our customers. You’ll be part of a dynamic industry, testing your skills in a highly-energetic market in a diverse environment. On top of that, you’ll be working for a company which supports real people in their everyday lives, and more importantly protecting the things they love.

During your internship we want you to have the opportunity to explore our business and develop yourself which is why we’ve put together an intern development programme for the duration of your internship. You can expect to take part in development days and a UK intern project which are all designed to help you develop, grow and find out more about your chosen discipline.

Our programmes are designed for interns who have the passion, drive and enthusiasm to innovate the future of Zurich.

Our diversity and inclusion initiatives are shaping an environment where everyone feels welcome, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, ability, culture, sexual orientation or mental health status. Our approach ensures that Zurich is a place that values different opinions, respects personal needs, and provides equal opportunities for all. We are committed to continuous improvement and we offer access to a comprehensive range of training and development opportunities.

Truly love your future, choose an exciting career, what you do matters

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Case Studies

  • Technical Business Consultant at Zurich Insurance

    My initial telephone conversation was a brief chat to talk to me about the role. It was Zurich who contacted me. In the official interview, I was asked various competency based questions and expected to respond in the STAR format. This is

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