Turnstone Sales Ltd

Turnstone Sales Ltd

Turnstone Sales Ltd

Turnstone’s approach is different.

We are quite simply the UK’s most effective sales recruitment and training firm. Working alongside dynamic and innovative businesses, Turnstone offers high potential graduates the chance to develop a challenging and long standing career in sales. Our client base is diverse and exciting, incorporating entrepreneurial start-ups and SMEs in addition to brands and corporates.

Working within the following sectors, our ambition at Turnstone is to offer only genuine career opportunities that involve significant progression and earning potential.

  • Property
  • IT & Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Digital Media & Adverting
  • Recruitment
  • FMCG
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical

Case Studies

  • Name: Edward Carlton
  • Role: Recruitment Consultant – Change Management
  • Joined: Jan 2011

“When I graduated I knew I wanted to get into Sales. Turnstone helped me prepare my CV and gave me practical advice on interviewing. I had 3 interviews within a day of seeing Turnstone, one of which I accepted. The training I received really helped me get a flying start to my career. I would recommend Turnstone to any Graduate”

Training & Profiles

Our Sales Training programme is second to none and has been design to ensure you make a flying start to your career in sales. You will participate in a highly interactive and practical 13 day modular training programme covering all areas of sales including:

  • Account Management
  • Core Sales Principles
  • How to Sell over the Phone
  • Negotiation Skills

Application Procedure

Please send your CV to grads@turnstone-sales.com.

Why consider a career in Sales?

Working in Sales offers a number of excellent and sometimes unexpected benefits. From day one, you will have the opportunity to influence your earnings, as well as how quickly your career progresses. Sales is a meritocracy: apply yourself and work hard and you will quickly put yourself into an elite category of high earners in the UK.

However, Sales is not just about making money. As you get better and more experienced you can expect greater responsibility for business development and for growing and developing a team. You will be on the frontline of the organisation you work for, so you can develop a real insight into the mechanics of the business. The statistics speak for themselves - of the UK’s most successful business people, 80% started their career in Sales.

What do our clients look for?

It is important that you are realistic about a career in Sales. It’s hard work and there are no short cuts. To progress through our assessment process you will need to be:

  • Bright & ambitious
  • Confident & resilient
  • Competitive
  • An excellent communicator
  • Driven to succeed
  • Hardworking

We are committed to helping you succeed

We do not adopt the traditional recruitment model of placing you and moving on to the next assignment without a second thought. Having helped you secure a fantastic sales role, we provide you with 9 days sales training designed to ensure you are successful in your new company. This exists in addition to training and development provided by your employer and is 100% free.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you find not only the right job, but also the right career. We want you to be successful and become a future leader within your chosen organisation. Our commitment to this is demonstrated by the fact that 95% of all graduates we have placed remain in the role we secured for them.