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TfL keeps London working, moving and growing. Every day more than 31 million separate journey segments are made across our network. No other city is as recognised by its transport system as London. Its red buses, black cabs and Tube trains are known the world over.

We work to make journeys easier through technology and data. We provide modern ways to pay through Oyster and contactless payment cards and provide information in different formats to help people move around London.

We do that through supporting our teams of talented people. Our graduate schemes are a great opportunity for you to enhance your skills and develop your careers.

Our graduates are engaged, involved and solve problems from the start. They can be tasked on anything from transport capacity, an ever-growing population and creating a fairer, greener, healthier and more prosperous city. Our graduates come from all backgrounds, bringing their diverse talents to transform the city around us. We're constantly looking for new ways to innovate and our passion is to create a future for London that is sustainable.

With graduate roles across our organization, ranging from technology and business to engineering, we offer many opportunities for you to grow with us. We'll give you challenging projects and you'll be given responsibility from the start.

Rewarding you
If we are to attract the right talent and retain the energy and commitment of our people, we must provide the rewards for that to happen.

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How we'll develop and support you
Whilst on the programme, we'll support your technical development through a wide range of on-the-job practical experiences and placements. We'll also support your professional development through a combination of classroom-led training courses, online training courses, mentoring opportunities and structured networking opportunities with scheme alumni. You will receive one-to-one support throughout the programme from your Line Manager. You'll also be connected to a 'buddy' who will be an alumnus from the programme.

Application Procedure

The right move for you
We offer schemes in many disciplines, covering everything from graduate opportunities and year-in-industry placements to summer placements. They are grouped into six areas: Built environment, Business, finance and communications, Engineering, Management and planning, Surveying, and Technology.

All our schemes involve working on projects where you have responsibility from the start. Whichever area of work you choose to apply for, you can expect support, training and development worthy of one of London’s largest employers. What’s more, we’ll encourage you with your professional studies, ensuring your career journey with us is as challenging, rewarding – and fulfilling – as possible.

Interviews TfL Interview Reviews

  • Mechanical Engineering Graduate at TfL

    It was with two people, an enigneering manager and an HR representative. It started off with competency questions surrounding team work, communication skills, conflict resolution etc. It then went on to some technical questions in which i was given

  • TfL - Electrical Engineering Graduate Programme at TfL

    Online tests before the phone interview. Phone interview had standard competency questions lasting about 25-30mins.<br/> <br/> In face to face, 2 interviewers were present; one from the HR asking competency questions and the other a Senior


When it the TfL graduate application closing date?

12th December 2019

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