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Starting out your career in insurance at RSA

RSA has a variety of options to kick start your career, whether you are fresh from college, nearing your graduation from university, or looking to get ahead with some summer work experience. We could offer you the opportunity you’re waiting for.

The Graduate Experience at RSA

Our graduate experience mobilises and equips you with a strong business foundation within your chosen role. We will support you through enriching learning experiences and provide all the tools you need to fulfil your potential. In return, we ask you to show drive and passion toward developing your skills and adding value to the RSA business.

Most of our graduate roles are underpinned by a degree or master's level Apprenticeship which is a supportive and structured journey to further professional qualifications and provides the vital knowledge and skills required to be successful within your chosen field.

The RSA Apprenticeship Experience

RSA welcomes early and emerging talent through a range of disciplines across the organisation through our Bright Futures apprenticeships. We offer so much more than just 'your first job,' and you won’t need a degree to get ahead in this business.

If you’re looking for the perfect opportunity in a dynamic work environment, where innovation, creativity, and fresh ideas are welcomed, then an RSA Bright Futures apprenticeship is for you.

You will learn from experts in their field and experience a fantastic culture at one of the world’s leading general insurers.

The RSA Internship Experience

Our summer internship provides an opportunity to gain valuable real-world experience providing you with a real job while you are still a student.

Join our internship programme

You will gain vast insight into our culture and our business and align that insight with your career ambitions. Successful completion of the summer internship could lead to you being offered a place on our Bright Futures graduate programme.

What does an RSA internship look like?

We recognise Internships are a fantastic route into a career, so our rich-learning courses will provide you with real work and responsibilities from the get-go. This 10 to12-week programme is ideal for undergraduates in their final year looking to get ahead.

Every year we have a variety of opportunities available to accelerate vital skills and knowledge to support you early in your career. These will enable you to make informed decisions about a future with RSA.

You will need to apply for the relevant internship role that matches your aspirations. Each role details the responsibilities and or projects you will undertake.

Training and support

During your internship, we will encourage the development of technical and non-technical skills through specific cohort learning and networking sessions. You can expect to take part in skills-based workshops, and knowledge-building activities, as well as business challenges and projects. These can open doors and build lasting bonds, as each intern is matched with a senior business mentor for 6 months, continuing our support after the internship has concluded.

What we’re looking for:

  • Must be eligible to live and work in the UK
  • Must be in the final year of your degree or master's from a UK university.

Internship application dates:

  • Applications open in December 2022
  • Invites to assessment centres in February 2023
  • Assessment centres are open from March to April 2023
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Case Studies

  • Name: Nick Brown
  • Role: Portfolio lead - RSA UK construction, engineering and renewable energy

Having joined RSA on the global graduate scheme, career development has been encouraged from the start. I developed my negotiation and influencing skills and enhanced my personal network.

Training & Profiles

Learning and development

We’re committed to making sure that everyone who joins RSA has the opportunity to be successful. We do that by encouraging every employee to explore training that will develop the skills and knowledge they need to be proficient in their chosen role – be it through online courses (we have a huge library of e-learning resources), face-to-face training, mentoring or coaching.

We also offer a wide range of development opportunities for people wanting to grow their career within RSA, covering technical skills, professional development and leadership.

Investing in technology

We are continually simplifying processes and upgrading tools to make it easier to get things done.

In 2015, RSA’s ‘Big Upgrade’ saw the global rollout of Sharepoint and Yammer to drive faster, easier working and greater collaboration between colleagues. It has successful brought our 17,000 employees together under one virtual roof, improving communication, strengthening connections between colleagues and enabling more flexible ways of working.