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Plexus Resource Solutions

Plexus Resource Solutions

We are a hungry, young start-up who have quickly become established as one of the leaders in London’s blockchain and fintech space. Run by two super high achieving recruitment specialists with over 10 years of experience each and unquestionable track records of building and scaling high performance recruitment teams, you will gain experience of working with the very best in the industry. We have been trading since May 2017 and already at 7 employees, with a goal of 13 by the summer. We are a friendly bunch, and care hugely about the family that we have here – this is not an old school recruitment environment! – we are more trainers and jeans, than suits and ties. We have a fun office environment based in Waterloo right opposite the station – a sense of humour is a must.

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Case Studies

  • Name: Brandon Bonnar
  • Role: Trainee Delivery Consultant
  • Joined: October 2017
  • University: IMM Graduate School of Marketing, Stellenbosch, South Africa


What made you apply to Plexus, Brandon?
I liked the sound of Plexus as they are niche and work in an exciting new industry. My Dad had recently spoke to me about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, so I was really interested to know more about it. I had been told by a friend not to go into Recruitment after he had a bad experience, but I thought Plexus sounded different to what he had told me.

How did you find the interview process with Shaun and Zeth? Were they terrifying?
They were both so different and not terrifying thankfully. Shaun was the tough one, but still very friendly and told me a lot about Plexus. Zeth was really energetic and again super friendly. He was not hung up on my CV and experience, Zeth was focused on my personality and that I would fit in to the team. Culture is very important to him. My interview turned into a 2-hour chat - I was new to London, as well as the working world, so they wanted to know all about me and tell me everything about Plexus.

Has the role lived up to your expectation so far?
Without a doubt, 100%! More so in fact, it’s been even better than I thought it would be. Shaun and Zeth were very realistic about good days and bad days in Recruitment, but if you put the hard work in and do what you need to do, you will have mostly good days. And the good days feel really good!

How have you found your training? Is there anything you already feel developed in?
The first week was really tough, it took me a couple of days to get my head around everything, but everyone was very patient with me. I have asked a lot of questions and everyone is always there to listen and answer and wanting to help me, as well as giving great advice too. I feel comfortable asking questions whatever they are. Development wise, I am now calling candidates and qualifying them for roles and feeling confident doing this. The first ever business call I made, I was shaking. I have come a long way!

What is the best part of working at Plexus? Is it sitting next to me?
No Claire, unfortunately it’s not. It is the people though, everyone has made me feel very welcome and I feel privileged to be working in the same office as such high achievers and great personalities. I like our intense and hardworking, but fun office environment!

What is your 3 year career plan?
Earn lots of money for the company and myself, save up as much as possible and live a nice comfortable life in London. When the time is right, I would like to climb the Plexus career ladder but only when Shaun and Zeth think I am ready. I want to progress by proving myself and learning as much as possible. I also want to be a better version of myself 3 years ago.

Training & Profiles

Our Graduate training and development is designed to enable our employees to reach their full potential.

Increasing the skills and knowledge of our people ensures we produce the confident, highly qualified staff we need to be the best. We focus on making sure everyone at Plexus can work well in a team who are working towards achieving our business aims and objectives, ensuring you are satisfied in your career and achieving personal development. Plexus’ founders have unquestionable track records of building and scaling high performance recruitment teams as well as being two of the most passionate people you will ever come across.

Your onboarding experience starts with a real understanding of the business and how our roles work. Sales Training, Industry Training and Client Training will be provided over the first few weeks, so expect buddying-up, mentoring, shadowing, client meetings, role plays and a trio of daily team catch-ups. We will discuss your training needs and progression in regular progress reviews.

You'll also have regular opportunities to attend technical, business skills and personal development activities - including conferences, networking events, industry related meet-ups and social events.

Career Journey
We will help you become a respected expert in your field, and, if you're good enough, your career will progress at a rate you never thought possible. We want ambitious types and expect to promote you from a Trainee to Management within 1-3 years. Our plan over the next two years is to scale internationally, including opening offices in Europe and we will be looking at our current workforce to assist in these office openings. We are already working with clients based in countries like Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Plexus founders Zeth and Shaun met back in 2008 when they worked together in the Tech recruitment field. After years of working together, they decided to collaborate and set up Plexus as a remedy to the growing talent gulf within Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and FinTech. They are genuinely passionate about the tech that they recruit for and the people that work with them.

As a Trainee Graduate working at Plexus, you can expect to be pushed to achieve your highest potential and we invite driven individuals who wish to join a fast paced, fast moving, fast growing, ultra-ambitious organisation to join us.


How do I apply to Plexus?
Please apply via Graduatejobs, sending your CV and maybe a little bit about yourself. We would be delighted to know why you would like a career in Recruitment and what drives you to succeed.

What is the recruitment process for Plexus?
We will contact you should your application be right for us. Expect an initial phone call to discuss your current situation, allowing us to check off a few essentials. Should you be shortlisted, you will be booked in for a telephone interview with one of the Founders which will hopefully lead in to an in-person interview here at our Waterloo office.

What will the interview involve?
We wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise too much, but you should be able to answer questions pertaining to your CV, education, core competencies and about Recruitment. You do not need to be an expert in Tech, however a basic understanding of Cryptocurrency and FinTech would be a bonus!

When will I receive interview feedback?
We are a Recruitment Agency, therefore we believe in providing feedback to all of our interviewees to ensure you have the right tools for your next interview. We endeavour to provide this feedback within a couple of days of your interview.

What is the starting graduate salary?
We provide all our Trainee Graduates with a competitive starting salary along with commission, bonus, plus Friday drinks! We have a sales structure in place and if followed correctly, you will earn your annual OTE. We also set targets to achieve half day Fridays with Michelin Star lunches and annual profit shares.