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MCP Fixings is a part of the Miers Group of companies and has been trading since 1970. Initially beginning life as a company focused on the supply of fixings and fasteners for the manufacturing industry, the company is now very different to its inception in 1970. MCP Fixings supplies over 9,000 different products across the construction and manufacturing industries, with external and internal salespeople driving our success. We have over 1,000 suppliers, so customers can rest assured that if they need it, we can source it. Having recently opened a new trade store, we see the huge potential that this model has and would love to roll it out nationwide to supplement our direct telephone and online business. We are at the start of an ambitious 5-year plan which involves:

- Increasing store sales

- Streamlining product offering

- Increasing customer base

- Improving customer awareness

- Driving data quality

- Improving online presence

Our new General Manager is young and forward-thinking, and he has a clear vision of what the company is looking to achieve. He himself entered the industry as a graduate in 2016 and sees the benefits which can be reaped from both the company and candidate.

Recently acquired in 2022 by the multi-billion-pound SIG plc, MCP Fixings has the full support of its parent company to grow and embark on an exciting journey which we would like a graduate to be a part of. We can’t wait to hear from you if this role suits you!

Why Join MCP Fixings

- Be a part of a growing business.

- Take on responsibility in a wide range of areas.

- Part of a multi-billion-pound group with potential for great career development.

- Learn about an industry which is crucial to the UK economy

- Develop yourself and reach your potential with our support


“MCP Fixings have worked with Rainford Solutions Limited for over a decade now. The growth and support that our operations have seen, is the result of the team at MCP who continually push to meet our every need.

Serving products from nuts and bolts to tools and more, a quick phone call often commits to product in stock or rapidly available. Supply chain issues communicated which allows both of our teams to work together in creating inventory systems to ensure continuity of supply, along with our often very unusual ad-hoc orders.

With the support of companies like MCP, here at RSL, we would not be able to help drive better broadband for the UK and beyond. Serving customers such as Openreach/BT, VirginMedia, CityFibre, Commscope, Infinera, and Ciena.

We look forward to working with and growing alongside MCP for the foreseeable future.”

Gary Wilkinson - Strategical Procurement Manager - Rainford Solutions Limited

“MCP Fixings Ltd forms a key component of the Miers Construction Products Group. It’s identified as an area of exciting potential and has an exciting young management team with ambitious plans.

Miers Construction Products was founded in 2010 and has delivered consistently high growth by focusing on customer service and empowering the customer facing employees in a decentralised structure. There are 140 employees in the group now with three trading companies and 12 profit centres. Core to this strategy is the employment of the right individuals who understand our culture and are ready to add to the success story.”

Tim Nicholson - Director - MCP Fixings Ltd

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