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Buckle up and prepare yourself for life at a fast growing, independent healthcare communications network. We’re a dynamic and collaborative company that can give you fantastic opportunities for career development. If you’re ambitious, so much the better. We need people with the same drive as us to help us grow and evolve. We have brilliant scientific minds, dynamic client service partners and award-winning creative strategists ready to meet the needs of our clients across the lifecycle of their products. But whatever we’re doing, we refuse to conform or settle. It’s this bold thinking, professional irreverence and lateral thinking that sets us apart. We’re always innovative, never derivative. We embrace and reward personality and passion as much as expertise and competence.

So, if you’ve got those butterflies in your stomach in anticipation of your next adventure, we could be the dynamic and unique company you’re looking for.

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Case Studies

  • Name: Account Manager


“I had no MedComms experience before LiNK. But I can say I made the best choice by accepting the role here. The management are trusting, extremely helpful, and caring. You’ll find a wonderful team who supports one another. They not only care about your growth in the company but also your well-being as a person.”

  • Name: Medical Writer


“I love the company culture. Many companies say they offer support and are here for you, but LiNK truly means it. They’ve accepted me for who I am. Welcomed my quirky personality. And given me the space to share ideas.”

  • Name: Senior Medical Writer


“People are always available to help answer even the smallest of questions. And they really encourage you as you grow in your career development.”

  • Name: Account Manager


“LiNK gives you absolutely everything you need to launch a successful career in MedComms. There’s encouraging team leads who are devoted to your progression as well as trainings and experiential learning opportunities whenever possible. I didn’t even know what MedComms was before joining LiNK straight out of university. But now I’m building a career and doing things I love every single day. LiNK continues to help me progress my career even if my interests change. It makes me feel that I’m more than just an employee. It makes me feel valued as a person.”

Training & Profiles

The first six months you’ll follow a structured training program.

Application Procedure

We need a few basic details from you, so please fill in our application form.

We also want to hear from you in your own voice – we’d like you to record a video of up to two minutes long explaining why you want to join LiNK Health Group. Don’t worry about fancy equipment, just a video from your phone or laptop is fine.

And for your final challenge, we need you to complete our test.

There’s three parts:

1. Summarise a clinical paper into a short slide deck

2. Complete some short exercises around planning, communication, and finance

3. Edit a short Word doc for accuracy and consistency

Our test should give you a flavour of the kind of work we do. It’ll also give you an idea of how you can use the skills you’ve already developed in a MedComms environment. We’ll be looking at the test to see if you’re approaching the work in the right way. And it will give us a clue as to where your strengths are or where you might need some more support or training during the LiNK 360 program.

You need to submit your completed application form, video and test to: link360@linkhealthgroup.comby midnight (GMT) on Monday 31st January 2022.

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