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We produce, market, sell and execute over 300 conferences each year covering all different topics, within Life Science, HR, and construction. Our date product Beacon is a world class data, research and insight platform, providing clinical intelligence that shapes the R&D decisions of scientists across the pharmaceutical industry.

What we do

We create niche conferences and data products in very bespoken areas. We work in highly specialised fields to provide unmatched depth and quality of content. We work in sectors where quality of information is the difference between success and failure. Enabling growth is at the heart of what we do. Our conferences span high growth fields from pioneering life science, to technology-augmented construction, to radical change in HR. We run events globally, across a huge variety of topics.

What makes us different

At Hanson Wade, we're proud of a workplace where we genuinely love what we do, and our culture is very important to us. With several monthly social events we support a great work life balance. From monthly awards to annual parties, and a social calendar curated by our fabulous social club committee, there is always an opportunity to mingle with your co-workers outside of work. We also have numerous examples of graduates who have moved to managerial level and above. The opportunities at Hanson Wade are endless and the support you gain is extraordinary.

Development and career progression

Ambition, growth and expectation only makes sense if they are supported by outstanding training, coaching and development. That is what we aim to deliver. Day to day development is done through our commitment to coaching. For each position we give clear responsibilities and real autonomy. We hire for intelligence and work ethic and we offer you the freedom to bring your own skills to the job. Managers and senior staff give guidance, training and mentoring to bring out the best in people.

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