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Worldwide executive recruitment to make your job easy.
It’s not always simple to identify the right person for a key role, and it can be just as challenging to find the right job for a talented individual. Matching people to jobs is where Goodall Brazier excels.

Global brands turn to us for their executive recruitment needs from middle management to board level. We draw from our talent pool of committed candidates and conduct a discreet executive search to present you with a vetted shortlist of suitable individuals.

As a respected recruitment consultancy, we have access to the market’s finest talent. We attract, assess and select talented managers, executives and directors who are looking for a job throughout the UK, the Middle East and worldwide.

Our recruitment consultants have years of expertise and a wide range of contacts in specific industry sectors – so whether you need a senior executive or an executive job, Goodall Brazier takes the hard work out of executive recruitment.

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Case Studies

  • Name: Oliver Fields
  • Role: Executive Search Consultant (Aerospace & Defence)
  • University: University of Northumbria
  • Degree: 2.1 in History

What I believe makes me a successful recruiter and what helped my decision making when choosing a grad scheme.
Having the right mindset is paramount in recruitment. It sounds cliché but rejection is everywhere, especially when you first start out and so having a degree of tenacity is crucial. On top of that you have to have the necessary skills, namely the ability to research independently and communicate clearly, both orally and in writing. At Goodall Brazier, I was given the opportunity to develop my own market from scratch, a freedom that most companies would never afford to a graduate coming into their first job out of University. For this reason alone the offer would have been difficult to turn down, but it was the people in the office that really sealed it for me. The atmosphere was really unlike anywhere else I had interviewed. When you spend so much time in the office, the cultural fit is possibly the most important thing and I haven’t looked back since.

Why I chose to be in recruitment
Having left University I was looking for a career that could offer rapid development and significant financial return —I saw Executive Search as the best way of accomplishing both. After reading the advert I thought I had what it takes to be successful, the right attitude, skills, and competitive edge. The last thing I wanted in a job with such long hours was monotony. Here, the old adage that “no two days are the same” really is true. The environment is extremely fast paced and you are far too busy to ever be bored.

My advice for anyone wanting this opportunity.
Do some thorough research before starting. Talk to people in the industry and be prepared to routinely work 60 hour weeks. Recruitment is not for everyone, evidenced by the average career length of 6 months, however, if you do want to join the industry be prepared to work hard and handle setbacks. If you are persistent, success will inevitably follow.

Training & Profiles

Continue your education by trusting us as the custodian of your early career. Our graduates of 2014 are our managers of today.

Why become a GB Graduate?
We are always looking for highly intelligent, talented and driven graduates wanting to join our Graduate Academy. If you’re interested in a career with unrivalled potential for succession and development, contact us today. Our Graduate Academy will take you through a personalised training programme. We employ only the best managers, recruitment consultants and trainees in the industry to provide exceptional service to our unrivalled client portfolio.

Academy rewards
• Personal training
• Career development
• A unique benefits package
• Unrivalled career path
• Elevation to management within 9-18 months

Attributes you need
• A tenacious mindset
• A passion for working in target driven field
• Tactful approach to relationship management
• Charismatic communication style
• Enthusiastic personality with a drive to succeed

Application Procedure

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