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As a company that's grown from two staff to over 950 globally in just 13 years, we know all about strong growth. That's why, as one of our graduates, you can be certain we have what it takes to help you build a great career from the ground up. Plus, with eight strategically positioned offices and all kinds of exciting career opportunities on offer, there's an excellent chance the ideal role is ready and waiting for you here at GM&T.

Put simply, a career at GM&T is different to all others as we are a growing organisation that remains true to the values that underpin everything we do. And, whichever part of our business you eventually join, be it front or non front office, you can rest assured that you'll be rewarded and recognised for the contributions you make to our ongoing success

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We know that our biggest asset and key to our success lies in our people. That's why we are constantly investing in our employees, and make sure that everyone not only enjoys what they do, but also has the freedom to showcase their talent and achieve their true potential.

Our ambition to be the leading marketing and trading company in global energy markets is a lofty one, but it's by no means unrealistic. Attracting and hiring ambitious and skilled professionals who subscribe to the philosophy of working together towards our vision is only half the story though. The other half involves committing ourselves to retaining this unique breed of talent by offering interesting and stimulating challenges, outstanding career opportunities, and the level of training, development and support required to help you really make the most of them.

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