Foxtons (2019)

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Foxtons (2019)

A business to be proud of
The Foxtons business model is completely different to the typical way estate agencies operate. The departments based in our headquarters act as the hub of the business, supporting everyone in our offices across London and Surrey. Everything from our training programmes to our website is produced from our myriad in-house departments. These teams focus intensely on every aspect of our business to ensure we are continuously innovating and evolving. Foxtons offers our clients a unique proposition of exceptional service backed up by unparalleled results.

Growth to be proud of
We are currently experiencing the most dynamic phase of expansion we have ever been through. Our vision is to expand to over hundred offices in London and to establish our brand in equally exciting and dynamic property markets overseas. Everyone that works at Foxtons is passionate about reaching out to new clients and continuing to exceed the expectations of those people that have used us for years.

A career to be proud of
We celebrate every new office that opens and every promotion that follows. Everyone who joins Foxtons has the opportunity to progress through our career structures to become a top performing sales person, to lead teams or manage departments. We never hire anyone from outside Foxtons to manage any of our teams; people are promoted internally, based on merit, not on tenure. As such we are exceptionally passionate about our graduate recruitment; we are not simply hiring trainees we are looking for the future leaders of our business.

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Case Studies

  • Name: Khadra Abdullahi
  • Role: Lettings Valuer
  • Joined: April 2014

"Foxtons will always provide you with the tools to do the job; everybody works incredibly hard from the valuers constantly taking on the stock, to the managers agreeing all the offers. I know as long as I put in the hours and work hard I will achieve the desired results because the company and brand will not fail to do their part. Commission is uncapped too so the earnings are really unlimited!"

"I look forward to continuing my success at Foxtons South Kensington, especially since having been promoted in October 2016 to Lettings Valuer. I am excited to see where the growth of Foxtons takes me."

  • Name: Miriame Ousselam
  • Role: Sales Manager
  • University: Queen Margaret University
  • Degree: Housing Studies

"I was attracted to Foxtons as I felt they were an extremely dynamic and innovative company to work for and I loved the energy and pace of their offices. The recruitment process was unique and their Headquarters was absolutely buzzing. I moved to London in May 2006 and after an intensive training programme I started my career as a Sales Negotiator in the St John's Wood office. As a complete newcomer to London I was completely dazzled by the area and as time passed and my experience grew, I quickly realised just how fortunate I was to have been given this opportunity. I was lucky enough to be selling properties in one of London's most prestigious and sought-after locations.

"I am a firm believer in getting out of what you put into life and my career at Foxtons has certainly mirrored this ethos. After six months as a Junior Sales Negotiator, I was promoted to a Senior Negotiator role and another six months later I was promoted to a Sales Valuer."

Training & Profiles

Every individual who joins us embarks on their Foxtons training journey during which we provide the opportunity to maximise existing skills whilst learning new ones at our specialist training facilities. Our award-winning training and development programme is designed to offer continual hands-on, comprehensive, and memorable tuition to provide you with the best head start in your career as well as arming you with the knowledge and tools to succeed.

Foxtons Award Gold 2013

Foxtons HQ graduate-jobs

Application Procedure

Please apply for our current vacancies on

  • Move Consultant at Foxtons (2019)

    Why you chose to study the modules you did at university? What do you do in your spare time? About my pervious work on my CV? Why I want to work in property? Why did I apply for this job? First was a phone interview, once though to that we

  • Social Media Executive at Foxtons (2019)

    My interview with Foxtons was an overall pleasant and professional experience. Prior to the interview, I received an automatic confirmation email which gave in detail the interview information. The interview process was different for my role which I

  • Property Manager at Foxtons (2019)

    After applying to the role of Property Manager at Foxtons, I recieved a response after three weeks inviting me to attend a video interview. I was tasked to read various questions and was given approximately one minute to respond and demonstrate my

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Foxtons busy office graduate-jobs

Will I get a company car?
This depends entirely on your role. We recruit for a variety of roles, some of which require you to be mobile.

Are you recruiting now?
Yes. We are a highly successful company with a continuous expansion plan so are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team.

How much will I earn?
That depends entirely on you. We provide the opportunity for ambitious individuals to thrive in an incentive driven environment with no limits. Foxtons employees are renowned for their hard work and commitment.

Do I need previous work experience to get a job at Foxtons?
Not necessarily - we have a thorough training programme in place which enables us to employ individuals from different backgrounds.

Foxtons prides itself in offering exciting career opportunities to graduates and exceptional school leavers. Through our innovative application process we can spot talent quickly and nurture your skills enabling you to fulfill your potential.

What do you look for in a job applicant?
Foxtons is a dynamic, fast-paced company so working here is not for the faint hearted! We are looking for individuals with personality, drive and ambition.

Do I need to know London as well as a cabbie?
No. A knowledge of London or the Home Counties is an advantage but not a necessity. You will be placed in an office we think suits you best and given time to understand the local area and learn from our experienced employees.

Is there room for promotion?
Foxtons constant expansion programme provides the opportunity for progression in a variety of areas across the company.

What if I don't want to be an estate agent
The diversity of our jobs may surprise you. Jobs on offer include: sales jobs, property management jobs, customer service jobs, administrative jobs, marketing jobs, photography jobs, finance jobs and many more.