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FDM Careers Programme Our award-winning Careers Programme provides 6-14 weeks of training and the opportunity to gain industry recognised certifications with either a business or technical focus in one of our academies in London, Leeds or Glasgow. You will learn the professional and technical skills needed to excel in the world of technology and business and will benefit from invaluable commercial experience with our high-profile clients in various sectors including finance, media, insurance and not-for-profit.

Once training has been completed, you will represent FDM on client sites as FDM consultants for a minimum of two years. Following this, you will have the opportunity to continue your career with FDM as a senior FDM consultant or transition permanently with one of our clients.

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We welcome applicants from all degree backgrounds - you don’t have to study IT to work in IT.

  • Business Consultant - FDM Graduate Programme at FDM Group

    The phone interview took 15 minutes asking questions such as why you want to work in the IT industry; what attracts you to FDM group; and general questions to gain a quick insight into basic competencies to assess your suitability for FDM. If you

  • Graduate Software Developer – Fast-Track Programme at FDM Group

    The interviews were conducted between three members of staff, each of which asked four scripted questions. The interviewers were thus not expanding on their questions that is up to you to do. Each of the three has a specific topic, your university

  • Graduate Scheme Business Pathway at FDM Group

    The first interview was a telephone interview asking general questions, for example. What did you study? What skills do you have that will be suitable for the role? Why FDM? Why IT? It was a short interview no more than 10 minutes. I was

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