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Explore Group: What do we actually do?

The Explore Group has been helping companies recruit top talent in the ever-evolving world of technology since 2005. We’ve adapted alongside the changing IT market to become increasingly specialist enabling us to support our customers on their journey through the new digital economy. Our niche divisions of Open Source, Cloud, DevOps, Mobile, Digital Marketing and Technology now provide both candidates and clients with the knowledge, market insight and advice that they need to build great teams now and for the future. The Technology sector is one of the UK’s leading economic success stories. This can only continue if organizations secure top talent in an increasingly competitive market.

Explore has evolved to consistently deliver that top talent through carefully tailored services using leading recruitment technology, candidate attraction techniques, embedding ourselves deeply in our candidates’ world and relentlessly learning the intricacies of supply and demand in each niche. We believe that our core values of integrity, expertise, partnership, passion and collaboration are also key to helping our customers succeed.

We are committed to continuous improvement, innovation and knowledge sharing and try to add value wherever possible for our customers whilst keeping the recruitment process simple and easy.

Recruitment will always be a people business and our success is built on the strong long-lasting relationships we have with our customers and the excellent team members- the life blood of the business. We always encourage our staff to ‘do the right thing’ from providing an honest and open level of service to delivering on all promises. We also support all staff, at all levels through extensive training and coaching programs to finetune transferable career skills, create innovative ideas, and develop in a way that suits individual learning styles and desired career paths. Don’t worry no death by PowerPoint, all learning is interactive, challenging and designed to help get you results immediately.

How do we look after our people?

Easy we treat each other how we would want to be treated. Our leaders do not dictate by hierarchy or time served. Every single person in a leadership role is a home-grown talent who has worked their way up the ranks. Therefor has empathy, respect and trust from their teams.Training is ongoing at all levels of your career as we believe learning never stops, people seek to develop constantly, and our business is only as strong as the people we hire.

Who do we hire:

The majority of our hiring is focused on entry level talent, with 24 positions available for the remainder of this year.
Recruitment experience is not necessary at all, however a passion to get into the industry with a strong grasp of what the role involves is essential.

Beneficial background for a career in recruitment include:

Telesales, door to door sales, retail sales, promotion work, charity fundraising, event organising, social media businesses, sponsorship work, broking, estate agency, start-up businesses and projects, any other projects started for profit.

Our advice to you:

Searching for your first job in recruitment is a big job in itself, there are so many sectors, companies, structures and cultures out there, so it is important to make your decision carefully and consider all of the important criteria. When you are in the right business for you it is a hugely rewarding and stimulating job, but in the wrong organisation it can be stressful, underpaid, and ultimately set you back to square one.

The Key areas we encourage you to strongly think about are:

1)The market sector you are recruiting into- is it buoyant, growing, interesting to you, high value placements, future proof?

2)The company’s ability to develop you- What training will you receive? what training do management receive to ensure you are effectively managed to get the best out of you? How is training delivered, measured and tailored to suit you?

3) Progression- What scope does the business have to promote you and help you build a team when the time is right?

4) Overseas opportunities- if this is something that interests you, can it be done?

5) Finance- commission structure, how is it paid, how frequently (monthly/ quarterly) is there a threshold? Can you earn from day 1 (is there a trainee option) what additional benefits are there?

6) How long will the company give you to ‘find your feet’ and start billing?

7) Where will your initial business come from, are you able to start your own desk for day 1- or are you going to be supporting someone else until you have proven yourself?

8) Incentive, are the company’s incentives the type that motivate you? Do they have flexible incentives tailored to the tastes of the consultants and what is important to you?

9) What is the businesses wider commercial objective/ 5-year plan?

10) Do you like the people and can you see yourself spending everyday with them?

Until we meet in person- good luck with your search and look forward to hopefully seeing you


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