The Army

The Army

The Army

Becoming an Army Officer can teach graduates many things. It teaches them to work harder, see further, stand taller. It teaches them skills in leadership, management and communication. Professional skills and skills for life. A life of achievement, purpose and opportunity. A life full of adventure.

The route from university to becoming an Army Officer starts at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. This elite training academy has welcomed graduates in Geography, French, IT, Engineering, Law, Management Accounting and many other subjects. The 44 weeks of Officer training provided here, prepares graduates to apply their knowledge in ways they never imagined: leading projects of incredible scope and scale; leading humanitarian relief efforts; and leading life-saving missions.

Sandhurst is also the place where graduates get their first taste of Army Adventurous Training. This is an opportunity to participate in, and gain qualifications in, a broad range of outdoor activities from skiing in Canada to skydiving in the Bahamas whilst earning a training salary of £25,727.

When graduates complete their Officer training, they are commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. They then move to their chosen Regiment or Corps for further specialist training and to take immediate responsibility for leading a team of around 30 soldiers as well as having a salary increase to £30,922.

The best leadership training in the world together with the support needed to make the most of it, a clear path for promotion, and challenge and adventure all the way. Life as an Army Officer offers everything people with leadership potential, a strong sense of moral direction and focused ambition could want.

Bring people together. Bring a nation to its feet. With heart. With mind. Army Officer.

Case Studies

  • Name: Owen
  • Role: Captain

The outdoor life and my sense of adventure were what drew me to the Army – and having gone straight from university, where I studied Mechanical Engineering, into Officer training at Sandhurst and then commissioned into REME, I’ve never looked back…In my mid-twenties I was managing a team of over 130 skilled tradesmen. Professionally, I’m being supported by the Army to gain Chartered Engineer status.

Application Procedure

Apply on our website.

Starting Salary: £25,727 rising to £30,922 upon completion of training (commission).

Work locations: Nationwide

Entry Requirements: 180 UCAS points

Application Deadline: 5th December 2016