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At British Airways, over 40,000 people in a wide variety of roles work together to fulfil our promise, ‘To Fly. To Serve.’

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. From booking a ticket through to a safe and punctual arrival at one of our destinations, we’re working to give them a premium, seamless experience from start to finish. We’re continually looking at new ways to improve our product offering for our diverse customer base. And, while some people might not interact with the customer every day, everyone has a vital part to play in bringing the bigger picture together.

We’re one of the world's leading global premium airlines and the largest international carrier in the UK serving almost 40 million customers a year, travelling to over 170 destinations in more than 70 different countries worldwide. It’s a vastly complex business, always evolving, offering huge scope and a multitude of possibilities for graduates to explore.

High calibre graduates can – and do – make a big difference to our business. On our programmes, graduates thrive on being in real roles, with real responsibilities. With exposure to different business areas and major projects, they develop a wealth of valuable skills and experience. They get involved in making key business decisions too - to help us achieve our vision of being the most admired airline. The work is challenging, but offers plenty of opportunities for inquisitive, innovative thinkers and keen problem-solvers, and rewards them with a real sense of belonging and accomplishment.

No matter which of our graduate programmes they join, they see the tangible impact of everything they do - with visible benefits to their personal and professional development. Along with a healthy salary plus increases based on performance, our comprehensive learning and development programmes are designed to expand their skills and improve their capabilities. From there, they can enjoy a range of long-term career opportunities in their chosen area, and across our wider business.

Case Studies

  • Name: Georgianna Channon
  • Role: Leaders for Business
  • Joined: September 2013
  • University: Oxford Brookes University
  • Degree: Business and Marketing Management

"I first applied to the scheme because of the variety of roles offered; there is a great opportunity to broaden your skillset and see the business as a whole. British Airways has always been a prestigious company in my mind and I wanted to be proud of where I worked - the travel is just a bonus!"

"Working at BA is such an adventure, you face different challenges every day. There are the normal frustrations that come with a big organisation but that only makes it even more rewarding when you find solutions to problems!"

"Jumping down the slides and building rafts in cabin crew training was definitely a highlight! And the first time you sit on a flight deck for take-off is something pretty special. I am probably most proud of the relationships I have built around the world and the tangible changes I have implemented, it's a great feeling to see something on a plane and think 'I put that there!'"

  • Name: Joanna Kifun
  • Role: Engineering Graduate
  • Joined: September 2013
  • University: University of Surrey
  • Degree: Aircraft Engineering

"The programme has presented me with many opportunities from inspecting the structure and systems on the delivery of a brand new aircraft to managing complex maintenance projects."

"From the get go, Engineering Graduates are given a large amount of responsibility and are able to contribute to the business which in itself is very satisfying. I have had a great deal of involvement with the engineers in the hangars and on the line at Heathrow Terminal 5 whilst gaining a good understanding of how BA operate to high safety standards."

"On this programme you will have a large cohort of previous Engineering Graduates to support you through your journey and the chance to absorb knowledge from some of the most experienced engineers within BA."

Training & Profiles

Whichever programme you join, you should be ready for anything. Working on live projects, with real impact, your placements could see you enjoying a variety of unexpected responsibilities and uniquely fascinating challenges. You'll make the most of your innovative thinking, keen problem-solving capabilities and inquisitive nature. You'll develop your knowledge and skills with the support of your line managers. And, gaining exposure to the breadth of our business functions, you'll build your network - ready for creating your own future opportunities with us.

So what will you be? A Surprise Bringer, an Infinity Facilitator or a Fortune Teller?

Application Procedure

Please apply to the latest British Airways jobs on

  • British Airways Graduate Schemes at British Airways

    A competency based interview with two senior finance analysts. They asked the basic questions such as why do you want to work for BA and why do you want the role? They also explored areas of their competencies such asking that I provide an example of

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Think you know British Airways?
You might be surprised. Because British Airways offers much more than you might expect. In a business as large and complex as ours, the opportunities are varied and the list of fascinating challenges endless. And this can be seen on our graduate programmes too, with the level of responsibility, scope and range of work on offer. Our programmes are tailored to provide graduates with a good understanding of the business to develop and equip them with the skills they need to go on to be successful in their careers.

Where will I be based?
Most of our Graduates roles are situated at our sites around the Heathrow area, including at our Head Office at Waterside and our Engineering base. Whilst we don't guarantee international placements for all our graduates, there are certainly opportunities to see more of the world.

If you have been invited to an assessment, you should note that whilst most assessments will take place at our recruitment centre located at Waterside, you may be required to attend at one of our other sites. You are therefore encouraged to check your invitation carefully.

What is on offer at British Airways?
As well as a starting salary in the range of £27,500 - £32,000 (programme dependent), you'll also receive increases based on your performance.

If you are based at Waterside, home to our corporate headquarters, you will have access to a range of facilities to help you get the most from your time at work. As well as a range of amenities including an onsite gym, bank and hairdressers, you will find yourself surrounded by parkland providing you a chance to stretch your legs over lunch.