Baxterstorey 2021 graduate opportunities


We are the UK’s leading independent hospitality provider within the workplace.


Employing over 8500 people in 750 locations around the UK, Scotland, Ireland and Europe, the key to our success is our passion for creating delicious food from the freshest, locally sourced ingredients and serving them to our customers with a warm welcome and service professionalism.


Working closely with our clients, we focus on developing and coaching our teams to ensure a safe and caring environment is created where hospitality, sustainability and ‘best practice’ are championed and benchmarked.


The secret sauce to our success is in the relentless commitment we have in developing our people. For this reason, our industry-leading Barista, Chef and Leadership Academies together with Apprenticeships, Graduate Management Scheme and sponsorship of the Gold Scholarship Award continue to ensure we are providing access to the best learning and development opportunities possible.

Our graduate programme is designed to help you gain a foundation of training in the hospitality and foodservice industry. We provide you with the practical and theoretical knowledge to craft a career in hospitality management.

We offer a structured 12 month programme to create our next generation of managers. We tailor the course to your individual needs and our graduates are carefully mentored throughout the programme.

We take graduates from any degree subject, you just have to have a passion for the hospitality industry.

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Case Studies

  • Name: Toby Bonnett
  • Role: Retail Manager
  • Joined: 2017



2017 - Graduate

2019 - Retail Manager

What attracted you to the programme?

I began researching opportunities and discovered the people-centric culture at BaxterStorey’s core, something which aligned with my desire for training and continued professional development - and the rest is history!

How has the graduate programme helped you to develop your career?

My career trajectory has accelerated dramatically in the past 9 months.

I feel supported and trusted, and I have the remit and confidence to take on new challenges and projects.

  • Training & Profiles

We recognise the importance of nurturing fresh, young talent and that the future growth of our business is highly dependent on the training, education and job opportunities we can offer to young people now.

You will spend time working within one of our client sites with the Operations teams. With a blend of on the job training and classroom learning you will gain experience and responsibility very quickly.

• Experience different job roles within a structured programme before settling into a specific area that suits you
• Gain an in-depth knowledge of the foodservice and hospitality industry for business and industry clients, such as Aston Martin, ASOS and Network Rail
• Develop a sound business understanding of BaxterStorey
• Develop an understanding of different roles within the company - within both operations and support services
• Receive regular coaching on managerial techniques
• Receive regular reviews and training requirements to meet your development needs

The Baxterstorey graduate programme has been running for 10 years with a high retention rate with the successful graduates. They quickly move into management roles and take on responsibility quickly. The continued growth of Baxterstorey ensures that we need well trained managers to grow and develop our business.

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