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We’re Alfa. We help asset finance companies improve their business performance by implementing our software - Alfa Systems - and applying our wide-ranging experience of the industry. Blue-chip clients such as Bank of America, Barclays, Mercedes-Benz and Nordea have reaped the benefits of Alfa’s finest assets: our people. We are extremely proud of our track record of successful projects, a testament to the skills, experience and knowledge of our people who develop organically through the company from being a graduate joiner to a senior manager.

Alfa is established in the UK, US, Asia-Pacific and throughout Europe. As well as working on projects based in London or the surrounding area, you will sometimes be expected to work in European locations during the working week. We also see a steady flow of UK consultants on secondment further afield, so if this sounds like your kind of thing, we can make that happen too.

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Case Studies

  • Name: Akalja Logeswaran
  • Role: Software Engineer
  • Joined: September 2016
  • University: Imperial College
  • Degree: Biomedical Engineering

"The thing that really sets Alfa apart for me is the work-life balance and the great culture"


Whilst studying Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College, I’d had a go at basic coding. I realised I enjoyed it and began looking into related career opportunities. Alfa was a great choice for me as it allows me to pursue a career in both technology and finance. My induction group consisted of graduates from all disciplines, and between us we had varying levels of technical knowledge, but the training structure meant we were all well supported. The thing that really sets Alfa apart for me is the work-life balance and the great culture, with plenty of social activities organised by the company

  • Name: Adam Morrison
  • Role: Consultant
  • Joined: October 2016

"... the social side of the business: we really are very well looked after!..."


One of my friends had joined the graduate programme and told me all about how Alfa could be a really rewarding place to work. Like many graduates who join Alfa I had no technical experience before I arrived, but the induction training was incredibly thorough and supportive. Within only six weeks, I was already out working at a client’s offices!

My roles have been with some of Alfa’s longest-held clients, and this has offered an enormous range of problem-solving opportunities. Working so closely with the clients themselves has brought the opportunity to learn about the full breadth of requirements they have, meaning no two weeks are ever alike. It’s not possible to talk about my experience with Alfa without discussing the social side of the business: we really are very well looked after!

  • Training & Profiles

A good Alfa recruit has the ability to see an end goal, break down the steps to get there, and put in the effort to achieve it. Therefore, any hard-working and ambitious graduate can be successful as long as he or she has a logical mind, enjoys working as part of a team, has pride in their work, and sees their career immersed in the worlds of both technology and finance. With our ever-increasing geographic reach, knowledge of foreign languages is an added bonus, and we’ll even support you through learning a new one if you want to pursue extra studies.

We need our people to work hard but that doesn’t necessarily mean long hours. We only recruit people who we think will get on with each other, so the atmosphere is collaborative and friendly. If you are interested in activities outside of work, there are groups to join such as football, running or tennis. You will get to spend time with the whole organisation every couple of months at our company meetings which involve presentations in the morning and fun activities in the afternoon. Furthermore we usually have a trip overseas for our Annual Conference which is always something to look forward to!

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  • Application Procedure

Our junior software engineers and analysts are recruited from graduates of the highest calibre across all disciplines. We look for people who are bright, inquisitive, technically minded, and fun to work with. Induction and pre-project training is around 10 weeks so new joiners need to be ready to take on lots of learning from the start of their career. If you have a 2:1 or above and all As and Bs at A Level, we know you are bright. Add to that motivation to learn about technology and asset finance and you have a successful Alfa employee!

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