Graduates are set to have a better work life balance

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18-24 year olds main career goal is to have a better work-life balance.

The job board 'REED' have conducted a study which shows the changing of attitudes in the new generation. Whilst the previous generation were more concerned with earning a good salary and starting a family. The new generation would rather work in a job they enjoy than earn more money in a job they do not enjoy.

Recent data shows that almost 50,000 graduates are working in roles that do not require a degree such as: hospital porters, door to door sales person and factory workers. This has led an inquest to question the value of degree and high tuition fees in this Brexit climate.

However, the study conducted by REED shows that recent graduates are still highly optimistic and ambitious with 45% of graduates wanting to achieve a certain level of superiority. 43% of students have created a life plan which is higher than the previous generations at 23%.

A good way to organise a healthy work life balance is to consider how your office work hours and your free time. Do you start and finish early, so your evenings are free. Or do you start and finish late and so have free mornings. This can help to organise social activities and meet up with friends and family. Understanding your free time can also help with knowing when you can fit in some time to exercise. Exercise is important to keep you mentally and physically fit and helps to maintain a better work life balance.