What are graduates biggest concerns once finishing university?

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Inspiring Interns surveyed 1,200 graduates and asked what they were worried about when they finished University.

29% of graduates are concerned about their work/ life balance. This is the second biggest concern graduates have. Grads now want more flexible working hours instead of the usual nine to five. This is becoming more common as more and more employers are letting employees choose their working hours as it leads to a more productive workforce. In the past 5 years it has become more difficult for young people to manage work alongside their family and personal responsibilities. Which leads to more graduates seeking flexible working hours.

33% of graduates worry that they will not find a fulfilling job in the future. This was one of their the largest concerns. Graduates tend to move from one job to another, rather than stay at a single job. This is popularly known as 'job hopping'. This has led to grads being stereotyped as being unreliable. However job hopping allows grads to build up their CV, gain experience, learn new skills and find out what they are passionate about. Research from SMEs found that two thirds of employers said job hopping is good for careers as it shows a candidate has diverse skills rather than a candidate who hasn't made a career change. Job variety is an important factor in finding a new job. Therefore it is becoming more common for employers looking for candidates who have had multiple jobs in different sectors so they have a wider range of experience.

Above everything it seems grads are most concerned with finding their dream job and ensuring their work and personal life are balanced. However, grads you do not need to be concerned we have many fantastic opportunities!

Research credit- Inspiring Interns