Trainee Reinsurance Analyst - Pacific Life Re - London


Who are we?
We are a global reinsurance company, providing our clients in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America with innovative products and services to manage their mortality, morbidity, longevity and asset risks.

Our mission is to support our clients to provide individuals with security for their families should the worst happen and/or certainty around the income they will receive regardless of how long they live.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for talented individuals who have excellent analytical and technical skills, possess a keen interest in working with data and who want to start a career within the Insurance/Reinsurance industry.

Some of the key responsibilities of being a Reinsurance Analyst are reviewing reinsurance treaties, conducting data analysis and interpreting the results/arising issues.

We welcome applications from graduates with any degree background as we work in a hugely dynamic and agile environment and can adapt and tailor your learning and development according to your individual experience and abilities.

What will I be doing?
You will get hands-on experience across a wide range of activities and projects. From a deep understanding of our products and clients, to reviewing and transforming client data, to managing all our stakeholders and your own treaties, you’ll gain a thorough grounding in life reinsurance – including learning what a treaty is!

Your first three to six months will focus on opportunities and activities that will help you learn and develop. This will involve a period of intensive knowledge sharing around our products and internal training courses on our tools, system and processes. By the end of that initial period, you will also be working with other teams from around the business to implement and manage your own reinsurance treaties in our global platform.

We won’t stop investing in you even when you are able to manage the entire life cycle of reinsurance treaties. We fully support professional qualifications which include but are not limited to insurance, actuarial and finance exams. Additionally, we will provide coaching and challenge you alongside your day-to-day work as you start to build your personal portfolio and brand.

Career Pathways
There are many progression opportunities within the company and our career framework entitled ‘Career Pathways’ will help support you through this. You will be provided with a personalised roadmap to help you navigate your career and work towards your career aspirations. This can include promotion opportunities, similar roles in different departments and the chance to apply for jobs in different global offices.

The Operations team is part of the wider Division Business Services department, where we work closely with the Corporate Actuarial and Finance teams.

What do we expect from you?
We set out to be different, so our company culture is important to us. We want people who think differently, critically assess how we should do something and aren’t afraid to challenge the norm.

We will be encouraging you to learn new skills and to be brave in applying those skills throughout your career with us. We’re proud to have created an environment where we all collaborate as one team. Often the newest team member has the best idea as they are not constrained by the past. We want everyone to fully contribute and feel empowered to make decisions.

Of course, it’s not all about the work, and we also recognise the importance of reflecting on a job well done and having fun with our colleagues!

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