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  • Graduate Recruitment Consultant - July Training Scheme!

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    Interview process

    Initially I was contacted on the phone by a Manager at Eurostaff. they were interested in me based on my European language skills (German, French, English) as well as my diverse academic background (European Studies). The interview lasted about 30 minutes during which I was asked about my reasons for wanting to join a recruitment company and how I think I would be suited for the job. Having said that I sounded very confident and engaging (I did some research on Eurostaff, which always helps) I was invited to an interview at their London Headquarters a week later. The face-to-face interview with a different manager than the one undertaking the previous phone interview lasted for about an hour. We discussed my CV, my ambitions and what I thought a recruitment position required as well as financial matters. Since Eurostaff are a recruitment company focused on recruiting talent from European countries to join clients in the UK, they explained their company structure and the way they usually go about recruiting, as well as the level of targets they tend to set themselves (in my case they were looking for someone to recruit upper management from the financial sector in Germany and other German speaking countries.) A day later I was invited to meet the senior management staff which, unfortunately, never took place as we could never agree on a set time.

    Most difficult question

    Having never worked in recruitment before, the most difficult question concerned my expectations i.e. "How many people do you think you will, on average, recruit in a month?"

    Also, "what traits do you think a recruiter should have at Eurostaff." This question required knowledge not only of the recruitment process, but also what the Eurostaff environment looks like and how I thought I would fit in.

    Thankfully no generic interview questions like "describe a mistake you made and how you dealt with it" were asked. Eurostaff focuses on the individual and the recruitment process rather than generic interviewing.

    Interview tips

    I have learned that recruitment companies are very good at selling themselves and often promise things they cannot keep. Unfortunately Eurostaff withdrew their interest after stringing interview dates with senior managers along for three weeks even though they showed fantastic interest in me during the initial face-to-face interview. Be prepared for setbacks and do not be afraid to ask directly how serious they are about strengthening their team.

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