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Wiley Edge gives you the edge in your career. Our graduate program has helped over 2,000 graduates get a foot in the door in technology, banking and business. It starts with 3-12 weeks of paid training at our Academy. Then you’ll join one of our clients for 12-24 months (we work with investment banks and other big companies in industries from healthcare to aviation to insurance). You’re supported by us throughout, with an online learning plan to develop your skills. Afterwards, the vast majority of graduates continue their career with the client.

In March 2023, Wiley Edge launched an exclusive partnership with Columbia Univ. School of Engineering. All Wiley Edge Alumni are now eligible to receive two Executive Education certificates from Columbia Engineering as part of their Academy and industry placement experience at no cost. Further, all participating Alumni will have access to the Columbia Engineering network and ongoing training.


After completing the application process, you’ll start by training for 3-12 weeks at our Academy.


Once you’re up to speed with the latest skills and industry knowledge, we employ you throughout your 12-24-month placement with one of our clients. (We work with investment banks and other big companies in industries from healthcare to aviation to insurance.) You’ll get properly stuck in. Unlike other graduate programs, our graduate program is non rotational – so you will work in the same team, setting you on a path to becoming an expert in your field. It’s your chance to learn, grow and really make an impact.

Afterwards, the vast majority of graduates continue their career with the client as a permanent employee.


We don’t lock you in with exit fees. You’ll never have to pay a thing.

We also believe that potential exists everywhere. We hire from all universities and look beyond grades, opening doors to people from all backgrounds. The result? A supportive community of diverse graduates who are all going further, together.


From the moment you join Wiley Edge, our Academy Experience and Engagement teams are there to help you perform at your best. You’ll get continuous support with regular check-ins and a personal development plan to help you learn skills relevant to your role. You will also receive a salary increase every six months as well as a range of flexible benefits. For example, you'll have free access to courses on LinkedIn Learning.


We’re part of John Wiley & Sons, Inc - a 2 billion dollar research, education and publishing company. We’re excited by the advantages that being part of the global Wiley powerhouse will bring to the people and organizations we work with.

It’s about the clients we’re helping to future-proof their workforce and the graduates we’re helping to fulfil their potential. From the outset, we’ve been connecting both sides to give everyone the edge.

Wiley has been unlocking human potential for over 200 years. At Wiley Edge, we’re doing this for graduates across the globe – bridging the skills gap to launch careers.

Production support is the best career in tech you've never heard about. For banks, the focus is reducing financial and reputational impact, with the latter growing in importance in recent years.

Case Studies

  • Name: Qi Rui
  • Role: Product Management Analyst

“People think of tech as logic and that it has to be done in a certain way but you need to be creative to come up with different methods to tackle the same problem. I like that in my role I can use both my logical and creative skills."

  • Name: Stephanie Hallak
  • Role: Junior Software Developer

“I like the fact that I am employed and supported by Wiley Edge and work at the same time with one of the top investment banks in the country.”

  • Name: George
  • Role: Software Engineer

“The biggest benefit was I sent in one application form for the Alumni Program which then opened me up to multiple opportunities and job roles with different companies."

  • Name: Sarah Greenidge
  • Role: Alumni Java Developer
  • University: McGill University
  • Degree: Computer Science with a Minor in Linguistics

“What matters is to show your ability to think through interview questions analytically with a sense of logic”

  • Name: Aradhana Singh
  • Role: Team Lead and Senior Talent Specialist

“The first three months have been crucial to my knowledge and professional development.”

  • Name: Caroline

“During training, we're able to get to know our colleagues and become familiar with each other's names and faces. So when we go into the work environment and see each other in real life for the first time, it’s like seeing old friends.”

Application Procedure

1. Apply for one of our openings and complete the assessment & interview process.

2. Get paid while you're trained for the role by our industry experts (full-time).

3. Work at one of our clients on the Graduate Program for 12-24 months (full-time). You're employed by us, and we'll keep helping you get better at what you do through further training.

Afterwards, the vast majority of graduates continue their career with the client as a permanent employee.