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Westbourne Partners 2024 graduate opportunities

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Westbourne Partners is entering its most exciting period of growth. Born to better understand the needs of the industries it recruits for, the Directors have made the decision to rebrand and set-up individual websites for – Technology, Public Sector and Quantitative Trading, Technology & Research.

The motive behind this decision is simple – when you work with candidates and clients, they feel security in knowing that the ‘middle-man’ is somebody they can trust to represent them.

A great consultant wears many hats well. They are brand ambassadors for the client, the candidate and the agency.

It’s a lot to remember. And in reality, many consultants are first or second time job owners faced with difficult targets/KPIs, hence the stereotype of being “salesmen, who regurgitate buzzwords”.

Behind the scenes, our Directors practise a thorough hiring process and expose their teams to intensive and collaborative training methods, bespoke to the level of the consultant, and throughout their career. For every talented individual who belongs to Westbourne, it is our Directors aim to make them the best paid in London. This has been central to their combined success over the years and to our two-year growth plan.

Training & Profiles

In the first two weeks of joining, Graduates will be exposed to an intensive mixture of on-the-job and classroom training to cover the basics of recruitment, sales and their target market. They will also have an external consultant to provide theory to accompany their practical training.

This will continue throughout the consultant’s career and be carried out by the Director and Manager of the division.

Our Directors are still 100% hands-on and work side-by-side their team, offering full-time support and attention.


£20,000 – 25,000 basic