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We are a group of schools which aims to provide excellent education to children and young people across the country. We seek to improve the life chances of all the children and young people we serve and make it our mission to bring out 'the best in everyone' – students, staff, parents and the wider community. Uniquely, our Group includes significant numbers of schools in both the public and the private sectors, working together for mutual benefit.

We provide a broad education, which prepares young people to progress in learning and to make a success of their lives. We focus sharply on the evidence of what makes it more likely that young people will progress and succeed, apply that to our practice and continue to learn and develop our schools. We make it a priority to provide teachers with excellent professional support and development, so that every child receives an excellent experience.

Through being a group, we can offer more to both staff and young people than any single school could offer alone. The growing range of outstanding group-wide activities that we can provide will mean that more young people will have truly exceptional and inspiring experiences. Already, we believe that our Group contains the most developed relationships and practical interaction between independent and state schools in the country, creating benefits for all the schools involved.

From Cumbria to Kent, we are inclusive and welcoming schools, welcoming children of all backgrounds, all faiths and none, all abilities and giving over 40,000 children an inspiring education.

Case Studies

  • Name: Alice
  • Role: Graduate Trainee
  • Joined: September 2019

"...the range of opportunities available is vast."


I joined the United Learning graduate programme in September. Having just graduated from university, I was apprehensive about starting work in an office environment. However, the comprehensive and thorough induction I was given provided me with the foundations and confidence to begin working within each department.

Being entrusted with responsibility and working with colleagues who are encouraging and have an interest in my personal progression, has allowed me to develop vital skills in a short space of time. Soon after joining it was apparent that the range of opportunities available is vast, and United Learning is a stimulating, varied and rewarding place to work.

Application Procedure

What are we looking for?

When you apply, tell us about yourself: your achievements, ambitions, interests, what you are passionate about, and why you want to work for United Learning.

During the recruitment process, you will need to demonstrate United Learning’s values:

  • ambition
  • confidence
  • creativity
  • respect
  • enthusiasm
  • determination