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deVere Group Limited 2024 graduate opportunities

Company Company Profile

The deVere Group was launched in 2002 and due to our expertise in wealth advice and training we are now the world’s leading independent financial consultancy.

We provide expert international wealth advice to expatriate clients and international high net worth investors around the world.

We have both strong alliances and exclusive product offerings with the world’s leading financial institutions, including JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, which contributes to our market leading position and growth.

Fast Facts

• US$10 billion+ in funds under management and administration

• 80,000+ active clients in over 100 countries

• 500+ consultants

• 71 offices around the world with many more opening in 2016

By being the world's leading independent international financial consultancy we are in the unique position to be able to locally offer truly independent international wealth advice in over 100 locations worldwide.

When Nigel Green founded deVere in 2002, he based the company on an unwavering commitment to putting the client first – and he has been running the business on that core value ever since.

Of course, it’s not just our clients who benefit from our approach. It’s also our employees, who enjoy better training, better technical support and a better portfolio of products to market, which in turn leads to excellent remuneration and rewards.

deVere – A passion for achieving results through international financial services.

Case Studies

  • Name: Jonathan Hives
  • Role: Senior Investment Advisor
  • Joined: 2008
  • University: University of Northumbria
  • Degree: Finance & Investment Management

"If you want to travel around the world and experience a variety of cultures, then I cannot think of a better place to work than deVere. I joined as a financial coordinator in Dubai, which at the time was the most successful office in the company."

"As a fresh-faced 23-year-old, to work alongside some of the most talented sales and finance professionals in the industry was exposure that I could only have dreamed of. It was hard work and very demanding, but what I loved about that office was that when help or advice was required it was always on offer from a variety of senior advisors. My earnings were in excess of £40,000, which were high, bearing in mind there's 0% tax rate in Dubai and it was my first year out of university."

"Since then, I have had the pleasure of working in offices in Frankfurt, London, Zurich, Barcelona and Malta. I have also progressed in a rapid fashion - and that is not just down to my own initiative. The company believes and invests time and money in their employees in the long term. Having started as a graduate trainee in 2008, I am now the head of the private client division."

Training & Profiles

If choosing to partake in the deVere Group graduate programme, you will benefit from the advantage of gaining invaluable practical experience in handling high net-worth clients from around the world. You will also be working alongside highly skilled Wealth Managers, aiding them with their clients’ financial issues. By doing so, you will attain and hone your own networking, client-management and business-development skills.

During this time, you will also read for industry exams offered by the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI). At the end of the course, you will be prepared to head into your career as a fully-qualified Wealth Adviser.

Application Procedure


Who pays for flights?
We pay for your return flight to Malta, and once graduated a return flight to your chosen country location.

Who pays for the accommodation?
We pay for accommodation in Malta and once graduated and working at your Academy location 50% of your accommodation is paid.

Who pays for visas and work permits?
We pay for your initial entry visa and work permit.

Who pays for exams?
The company will cover the cost of registration with the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (C.I.S.I) and the first sitting of ‘Introduction to International Securities and Investment’ examination.

What is the most a graduate has earned?
Our best graduates are at the top end of each of the income bands we have on the site (See under 'Rewards' tab)

What are the start dates for Malta?
2015 dates will be confirmed at our meetings.

How long is the Graduate Scheme?
The programme is designed for 18 months but may be completed early for high achievers.

How long am I in Malta?
You will be trained in Malta for one month. You will then move to your chosen city location.

Can I choose which city office and country I will work in?
We want to give you the best possible start. We will help you choose the city office where you are likely to be most suited and most successful.

Do I have to have a good understanding of the industry?
No. We know you are intelligent and that we can build up your knowledge of the industry and the business over time. We are more interested in your personality, character and abilities.