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Siemens 2022 Graduate Opportunities

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About Siemens

Siemens is here, there and everywhere, redefining the way our world operates. As a team of more than 290,000, we exist to advance autonomous technologies, smart cities and a sustainable planet. That means pushing out incredible innovations with the potential to change life as we know it – from using data to revolutionise aerospace shuttles to exploiting AI to reimagine the London Underground. But it’s not just economies we’re reinventing. We’re here to help our people reimagine their careers. We’re here for you. We aim to inspire your best self to electrify this world. To realise your limitless potential and explore the endless possibilities of a digital society. And most importantly, enjoy the experience of an early careers programme for the next generation.

Here, there and everywhere for you

Siemens paid internships and graduate programmes are there to bring out the best in you. To initiate a culture of boundless progression. To inspire your big thinking – and help you follow through on your ideas. That means fostering an environment of support that breeds creativity. It means making your wellbeing our priority – so that you can be in the right head space to take the world by storm. With a team of approachable experts by your side, you can expect to make huge strides in your career, learning from the best, while never compromising on your personal growth.

We partner this unique and powerful experience with a big investment in your education. Last year alone, we spent €321 million on training. So, you can always take your learning to the next level. And we believe the best learning comes from trial and error – which is why we give you the freedom to experiment with your ideas and explore your interests. Here, we’ll empower you to drive your own success. You just need to dream big and take advantage of every opportunity.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for highly ambitious engineers and business-minded individuals studying degrees including:

  • Software/Computer Science
  • Electrical or Electronic Engineering
  • Business roles (Project Management, Supply Chain, Finance, Health & Safety)

No matter which area you join us in, we encourage you to expect more from where you work, especially in the beginning. Push the technology, question the equation, pick apart our process. We’re an open book. That’s what makes this the place to develop yourself and love every minute of it. And it’s why we have a reputation for being an amazing place to launch and continue your career, with a score exceeding 4 on Glassdoor.

Find out more about our early careers opportunities. Here for you, there for your future and everywhere you need to be right now.