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_nology funds and runs intensive full-time training programmes that enable people from any background to launch a new career in technology. We help individuals, often from non-tech backgrounds, get up to speed with expert coaching so that they graduate our coding courses job-ready with practical, up to date skills – not just theory – to meet real-world needs. We launched _nology to address the shortage of technology skills and have a meaningful impact on diversity in the industry. We want to demystify what working in tech actually means so that we can break down barriers and make it a place where people from all backgrounds can thrive.

_nology is young, but we already have a global presence and a strong record of delivering exceptional outcomes to global clients, including Admiral, Accenture, and Deutsche Bank. Backed by one of the fastest-growing tech consultancies in the world, we have offices in the UK, Sydney, and the US. Matching this scale is our ambition to grow all over the world in the coming years.