NHS 2024 graduate opportunities

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The scheme

The NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme specialises in life-defining moments. Nowhere else can what you learn as a graduate have the potential to help 56 million people all across England.

It’s complex work that requires very high standards, so the next two years of your life will be very demanding. But it will give your career a brilliant trajectory - because we’ve designed the scheme to create the NHS chief executives and directors of tomorrow. And for every challenge you’ll face, there’ll be twice as many rewards waiting for you.

The results

It’s no wonder the scheme has won multiple awards and is ranked fourth in the Times Top 100 graduate employers. After completing the scheme, graduates have already progressed to a range of senior posts, with an average starting salary of over £33,000.

The experience

Graduates specialise in one of six areas: Finance Management, General Management, Human Resources Management, Health Informatics, Health Analysis, and Policy and Strategy. In addition to this there is the opportunity to apply to the Health Policy scheme at the Department of Health and Social Care.

As you grow personally and professionally you’ll gain specialist skills while receiving full support from a dedicated mentor at Executive level.

To get the most out of the scheme, you’ll need to be bright, bold and open-minded. You’ll also need to be flexible. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare in England, so your training and experiences will be very diverse too. You must be ready to gain exposure to the NHS at different levels, around different cultures and viewpoints.

It all starts with your induction, which includes 20 days in which you can set the agenda, experiencing NHS life on the frontline. So if you want to ride with an ambulance crew or observe an autopsy, you can. L You will also arrange a ‘flexi-placement’ which could take you outside the NHS - it’s all about acquiring new perspectives.

Application Procedure

The challenge

Because the scheme offers a fast-track route to a senior-level role, it won’t be long before you’re taking on significant responsibilities in a full-time job across diverse placements.

This calls for strong self-motivation, deep determination and excellent organisational abilities as you tackle complex problems head on and contribute new ideas. Working for the NHS will often mean standing up to high levels of public scrutiny and having your decisions closely inspected. You must be tenacious, resilient and able to respond to constant change. After all, the NHS expects you to be a leader of the future.

Find out more at www.graduates.nhs.uk