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Our graduates – like everyone here at Newton – share a fundamental belief: that every organisation can be better. And like everyone at Newton, they have a big part to play in realising that potential.

We never start out assuming we know the answer, but we’re always certain we’ll find it. By uncovering the data that means the most important decisions are made with facts, not opinions. By bringing together people who are eager to make a positive impact through their work. And by embedding into client organisations this same passion, self-belief and know-how to thrive on any challenge in the future.

Our people drive our business. Their mindset, technical and problem-solving skills, and ability to communicate with colleagues and client teams at all levels are what set us apart from other consulting firms. And for you, that difference will define a career that's never not challenging.

Never not inspiring. Never not invigorating. Never not Newton.

Case Studies

  • Name: Charlotte
  • Role: Opertions Consultant

"Never not collaborative..."


"Most consulting firms just go into their clients' organisations, point out the problems, write a report and leave. We're more interested in figuring out what the root causes of those problems are, then helping clients to fix them.

Although the firm is well established now, it's not in the least bit set in its ways. There's a certain humility; a realisation that no one person knows everything. As a result, there's a mutual sense of trust – and everybody's always open to new ideas.

Our Review Days sum up Newton’s ethos. At first, I felt a bit uncomfortable calling on people I didn't know for advice. But the more colleagues I spent time with at the Review Days, the more I realised we're all here to support each other. The secret of our success, I think, is the way we tap into individual strengths and work together in a collaborative way.”

Application Procedure


How can I prepare for the video interview?
Take 5 – 10 minutes to reflect on your qualities and achievements to date. We also recommend you take a look at our website and do some research about Newton. Most importantly we want you to be as natural as possible during the interview so there is no need to prepare answers. Check your microphone and camera is working, ensure you’re in a well lit location, and we recommend wearing business casual dress. You do have the opportunity to complete a practice question as many times as you want to get you comfortable in front of the camera!

How can I prepare for the tests?
We write our own tests which include a practice question. We would strongly recommend practising free, online multiple-choice assessments (both numerical and data orientated) as this will get you used to working under timed conditions and refresh your numeracy skills.

How often can I apply to Newton?
You can apply to Newton once every recruitment cycle, which typically spans from September to December. If you attend a selection day or final interview, regardless of the outcome, you will receive detailed, constructive feedback on your performance which we hope you can work on before reapplying in the next recruitment cycle.

Do I have to be in my final year of study to apply to Newton?
No, we accept applications from students who are in all years of study. However, we do find that candidates in their final or penultimate year have accumulated relevant experience which aids them in their application.

What is the application process timeline?
This is mostly down to you, and how quickly you complete the different stages. Once you have completed the online part of your application it will be sent to our recruitment team to review and they aim to review applications within a week of submission.

If you are invited to a selection day, these are held regularly in different locations across the UK and you will have the opportunity to choose a date and location that is convenient for you. Final interviews and dinners are also held regularly in a variety of locations. When you are invited to the face-to-face stages of the application process we advise you book onto the next most convenient date and location for you, as our selection days and final interviews fill up quickly.  

Does the time that I apply alter my chances of being offered a job?
Selection days and final interviews take place from October onwards. Whilst you are not in direct competition with other candidates on your selection days or final interviews, we encourage you to apply as early as possible as applications will close once the required number of offers have been made. Additionally, we encourage you to apply early to ensure that you secure a place on a selection day in your preferred location.

Does it matter if I do not have a scientific or engineering background?
Our consultants come from a variety of educational backgrounds, including art, music, and language. However, regardless of degree, our consultants are required to have strong analytical skills. There is a focus on testing your mathematical and data analysis abilities in our application process, but we do not require a science-based degree subject of our candidates.

Does the location of the selection day I choose effect where I would work?
To make it easier for students to reach our selection events, selection days and final interviews take place in several different venues across the UK. If this is not possible to attend in person due to COVID-19 restrictions we will provide a virtual alternative. Our consultants are very mobile and normally live away from home, near their client site from Monday to Friday. Neither the selection day you choose, nor your home address will influence where you would work as a consultant.

Do I have to come to the UK if I am applying from overseas?
You can complete the online application form, the online tests and the video interview from abroad, however if you are invited to attend a selection day, you would be required to meet us in person, in the UK. If this is not possible due to COVID-19 restrictions we will provide a virtual alternative.

Do I have to send a cover letter or CV when applying?
If you are applying for the graduate role then we do not require a CV or cover letter. If you are applying for the experienced consultant’s role you will be asked to send in your CV when you apply.

Do you sponsor visas for international employees?
We encourage applications from international students, and we would sponsor your visa up to tier 2 if you were offered a job at Newton.

Do I need a driver’s licence to apply?
It is our policy that all consultants hold a UK driver’s licence. However you don’t need to have a license at the time of application, so long as you obtain one by the time you start with us.

Do you offer summer internships?
We don’t currently offer internships, however, we welcome applications from students during their penultimate years for a deferred place

What is the Newton graduate starting salary 2020/21?

£34,000 - £45,000