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LiNK Health Group 2023 Opportunities

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Buckle up and prepare yourself for life at a fast growing, independent healthcare communications network. We’re a dynamic and collaborative company that can give you fantastic opportunities for career development. If you’re ambitious, so much the better. We need people with the same drive as us to help us grow and evolve. We have brilliant scientific minds, dynamic client service partners and award-winning creative strategists ready to meet the needs of our clients across the lifecycle of their products. But whatever we’re doing, we refuse to conform or settle. It’s this bold thinking, professional irreverence and lateral thinking that sets us apart. We’re always innovative, never derivative. We embrace and reward personality and passion as much as expertise and competence.

So, if you’ve got those butterflies in your stomach in anticipation of your next adventure, we could be the dynamic and unique company you’re looking for.

Case Studies

  • Name: MedComms Executive


LiNK 360 is a great training programme for anyone new to the MedComms industry. I had no prior experience in this field and LiNK 360 helped me to gain a real insight and valuable experience into how a MedComms company works. The team are very supportive and I have found LiNK Health Group to be a great place to begin a rewarding career in MedComms.

  • Name: MedComms Executive


I’m so happy I found the LiNK 360 programme – I didn’t even know what MedComms was before I applied, but LiNK 360 has been the perfect way to start in MedComms and try out different areas within LiNK to find which area best suits me. Everyone at LiNK has been so warm, welcoming, and happy to help, it’s been the perfect mix of science, creativity, and lovely people.

  • Name: MedComms Executive


The LiNK 360 program has been a fantastic opportunity to gain insight into the wide variety of roles, responsibilities and relationships within a MedComms company. I came into this with no previous MedComms experience whatsoever, but thanks to the helpful and friendly colleagues and mentors that I’ve worked with, my confidence and knowledge has grown enormously.

  • Name: MedComms Executive


The LiNK 360 program has given me a great introduction to working in MedComms. Through a mixture of work experience and structured training sessions, I’ve gained a broad understanding of how different departments within a MedComms agency collaborate to deliver high quality content to our clients. I’ve been able to tailor my training towards specific areas, which has really helped me to make an informed decision about what type of role I want after completing LiNK 360. Importantly, this is all within a super supportive and friendly environment where someone is always available to help, offer advice and answer questions.

Application Procedure

How to apply

We need a few basic details from you, so please fill in our application form

We also want to hear from you in your own voice – we’d like you to record a short video – from thirty seconds to three minutes, explaining why you want to join LiNK Health Group. Don’t worry about fancy equipment, just a video from your phone or laptop is fine.

And for your final challenge, we need you to complete our test.

There's two parts:

1. Edit a short Word doc

2. Do a quick research task

Our test should give you a flavour of the kind of work we do. It'll also give you an idea of how you can use the skills you've already developed in a MedComms environment. We'll be looking at the test to see if you're approaching the work in the right way. And it will give us a clue as to where your strengths are or where you might need some more support or training during the LiNK 360 program.

You need to submit your completed application form, with your video and test attached, by midnight (GMT) on Monday 2nd January 2023.