Legerity 2022 Graduate Opportunities

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Legerity is a fast-growing technology company developing industry-leading solutions that assist clients in delivering complex financial solutions in a fast and non-disruptive manner. Our accounting rules platform – Legerity FastPost - takes huge volumes of complicated data and processes it in the cloud at ultra-fast speed, giving firms the ability to meet regulations and drive innovation.

Legerity is recognised as the industry innovator in Accounting Rules Technology, and we are pleased to have recently been awarded the IFRS17 Solution of the Year by InsuranceERM, as well as being named a “Rising Star” in the 2022 Chartis Research RiskTech100® Report.

What’s the market?

Our Accounting Rules Platform applies to many industries, including, but not limited to, financial services, insurance and telecommunications. We are proud to have worked with the likes of the Hastings Group, Aegon, KPMG and Fidelity Life to name a few.

FastPost helps our clients deliver complex accounting change, in line with new accounting standards like IFRS 9, 15, 16 and 17, and we are delighted that FastPost is now being used by clients across the globe, from the US to New Zealand and London to Mumbai.

Our opportunities

Whether you are joining Legerity as a graduate or an intern, there couldn’t be a more exciting time to join the team. Entering the scale-up phase of our trajectory, we continue to roll out innovative product developments and expand into the US market.

Legerity is also dedicated to delivering sustainability through ESG, carbon accounting and climate impact reporting. We continually push ourselves to deliver massive step changes in what finance technology can offer, and we’re excited about the future of the company.

What we look for

Wherever you are working within our team, you can be sure that you’ll be learning alongside forward-thinking and driven individuals who are passionate about what they do. We are constantly seeking capable and energetic graduates to join our team, start their careers and contribute real value to everything we do at Legerity.

We look for people with a fresh perspective and encourage our employees to share them – as our CEO Jeremy Wood says, ‘There is no monopoly on good ideas’. Legerity is a great place to work – this is a fantastic opportunity to join a welcoming team, in a high-growth, dynamic company and an expanding market. Our luxury offices have stunning, 360° views of the Paddington Basin, the Great Union Canal and many London landmarks – all from the 17th floor.

Legerity run both Graduate and Internship Programmes. Get in touch to find out more.


Case Studies

  • Name: Holly Ditcham
  • Role: Graduate Marketing Executive


Tell us a little about yourself

I’m the Graduate Marketing Executive at Legerity. I graduated from Loughborough University in 2020 with a 1st class degree in Geography and Management.

What made you want to work for Legerity?

When I was searching for jobs after leaving university, I found that many of the graduate schemes on offer included various rotations and job descriptions often included a lot of low responsibility tasks. When I came across the job description for my role at Legerity I was excited about how focused it was on what I was interested in – marketing. I knew that I wasn’t going to be passed around different departments, only getting involved at a surface level. Just from researching the company, and seeing the previous graduate testimonials, I knew this was a great opportunity to learn and kick-start my career.

What have you learnt in your first 6 months working at Legerity?

From my first day working at Legerity I have learnt in real life, practical terms how to implement all the knowledge I gained during my degree. I have been responsible for things such as building our marketing database, CRM, copywriting and editing, as well as working directly on our recent Live Webinar – Legerity’s FastPost Showcase. Every day is different and there are always new things to learn and projects to get involved with. I have always had a great amount of support from colleagues who have been pivotal in helping me develop new skills.

What have you enjoyed most since working at Legerity?

I have most enjoyed the amount of responsibility and autonomy I have been given at Legerity since the day I joined. Even though you are just starting in your career, you are treated equally to other colleagues and your opinion is valued and listened to. I know that the work I am doing is important and Legerity’s management takes into consideration everyone’s strengths and interests when delegating, so you are working on projects you genuinely care about. There is also a tremendous amount of encouragement from colleagues and your line manager. The company’s culture is one of support and mutual respect and this is what makes working for Legerity so enjoyable.

Would you recommend a Graduate role at Legerity?

I would recommend any graduate to apply for a role at Legerity. Having recently graduated, I know how common it is to end up in a grad role where you are doing tedious, menial tasks that are undervalued and do not demonstrate your full potential. That’s not the case at Legerity. I have found a role where I feel like a valued member of the team, with tremendous support and, most importantly, brilliant opportunities for career progression.

  • Name: Adam Goldie
  • Role: Internship Programme

Training & Profiles

We strive to encourage all employees and especially our graduates to learn new and develop existing skills. Legerity offers comprehensive support for employees undertaking additional training and gaining qualifications. We believe that training opportunities are critical for a successful career and endeavour to equip all our graduates with the necessary tools for development.

Application Procedure

To apply, please send your CV / Resume, Cover Letter and the position you wish to apply for to hr@legerityfinancials.com.

You can also follow us on LinkedIn for career opportunity updates.