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World Class Fire Consultancy
By striving for technical excellence, innovation, value and service, JGA have grown to be one of the leading independent specialist fire engineering consultants in Europe. Our Clients include public and private organisations for a wide range of buildings and structures. Our international reputation is evident from our list of projects throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Fire Engineering Innovation
JGA have developed a reputation for providing innovative fire engineering solutions. We do this by always questioning the norm, understanding the Clients' needs and finding solutions rather than just identifying problems.

JGA were awarded the prize for 'Best Fire Engineering Innovation' at the 2006 Local Authority Building Control Awards and 'Best Fire Engineering' at the 2008 Built In Quality Regional Awards.

Fire Consultancy Service
We aim to provide the Client with the best possible service. We recognise that at the early stages of a project we need to respond quickly and develop ideas that will be a positive contribution. We believe we must always add value to a project. Most of our work is repeat business.

JGA have offices in London, Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh and Galway. Our core expertise is in finding creative fire engineering solutions for large, complex buildings. Our services include:

  • Means of Escape Design
  • Fire Engineering Strategy
  • Modelling of Fire Growth and Smoke Movement
  • Modelling Fire Resistance of Structures
  • Requirements of Legislation
  • Fire Safety Audit
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Safety Certificate Applications
  • Expert Witnesses
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Mall Commercialisation
  • Local Authority Checking Consultants

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Case Studies

  • Name: Mark Hotston
  • Role: Senior Engineer


"Mark joined JGA straight from University in 2011. Here is his story:

I joined JGA in 2011 looking to be part of an industry leading company in a specialist field, and since joining I have not looked back. The team here is very approachable at all levels.

From the onset I was involved in real projects adding value to the team. The training at JGA is on the job rather than a separated training programme on imaginary projects, which I experienced at a work placement during my degree course. The on the job training was great for me, as this got me involved with the team and let me know very quickly what the job role would be.

It can be quite a demanding job, as client deadlines need to be met, but it is rewarding to work with some of the world’s best architects and design teams.

There is a great support network within the company. The senior staff offer mentoring on technical work, written communication, preparing for meetings and all other aspects of the job. The team encourage progression within the company and towards gaining chartership. Within two years of joining I was promoted to Senior Engineer. Unlike other companies there is no limit on age / experience or numbers in the senior levels.

The work at the company is very diverse covering all building types. No two buildings are the same, and each project presents a new challenge. As a fire engineer part of the job involves getting out of the office to attend site visits or meetings with the design team, client or approving authorities. During my career this has ranged from attending a site visit in my first week to presenting a technical paper at the company’s annual conference and travelling to Milan to help present ground breaking fire engineering analysis to the Italian national fire department on Italy’s largest retail construction project."