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Our Division in ITW

ITW Construction Products UK/Nordics is a division of ITW, innovating, designing and manufacturing advanced industrial technology. We are industry influencers and market leaders in our fields with high quality brands at the front of technology and enterprise. At all levels in our organisation, we are encouraged to embrace our inner entrepreneur to drive actions, focus on what matters and share ideas so that every individual can have an impact on the business. In return we are rewarded, supported in our development and given the opportunities to grow within a large multinational organisation.

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Founded over 100 years ago, ITW was built on innovation and the strength of new ideas, with these values have helping us expand into multiple industries worldwide. Whether it’s the door handle of your car, the grill your Nando’s was cooked on, the scales you used in the supermarket or the fixings holding together your house, you’re never far from an ITW product.

At each of our businesses, the independent entrepreneurial spirit and freedom to innovate remain strong. Together, we are ITW—a Fortune 200 company that has prospered for 100 years, and changed the way people live and work, all over the world.

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Make Decisions, Drive Actions, Have an Impact

ITW’s decentralised business model creates an environment that provides our people with significant responsibility and autonomy to get things done. Our people demonstrate a compelling sense of ownership and are provided substantial personal learning and career development opportunities. We encourage our people to think like entrepreneurs and act like entrepreneurs — it’s how they solve our customers’ most important problems one idea at a time.

What our Graduates Say

“I have been able to travel across Europe visiting new places and networking with other likeminded people and have been encouraged to step out of my comfort zone to take ownership of high-profile projects” (Megan Edgar)

“As a graduate at ITW you will be heard and trusted with work assignments from day 1 while being supported in your professional and personal development” (Kristina Andreasen)

“Having new challenges, learning opportunities and getting to use all of my knowledge as I move around the business has been great. I feel like I’ve grown as a person” (Christian Ottarson)

“There’s been many opportunities to network outside of our division through the YPN (Young Professionals Network), which has been really valuable to see how the wider ITW business works” (Jack Carey)