Intravelr Limited

Invasion Camp Group 2022 Opportunities

Company Company Profile

Invasion is a travel company focused on providing once in a lifetime experiences for young people. We are home to many popular brands in the sector such as Camp Thailand, AmeriCamp, Camp Bali, Invasion Weekend Breaks and Wrestling Travel. We are an innovative, vibrant company who are looking to grow our current offerings as well as expand into new markets such as festivals and events! Here at Invasion, we’re all about culture, so be prepared to join an energetic, passionate & friendly team.

Training & Profiles

We are committed to continuous development. We aim to provide annual staff reviews and 6 monthly checks. Training requirements/ courses are discussed during those times and assessed on a case by case basis.

Application Procedure

Typically our application process will include:

  • Stage 1 interview
  • Practical task (working from a set brief)
  • Stage 2 interview