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We influence policy across all government departments. Our work touches every aspect of everyday life. And you don’t need to be an economist to help us do it. We train, develop and support graduates from all degree subjects and universities to make a real, positive and lasting impact.

HM Treasury is the government’s economic and finance ministry. We maintain control over public spending, decide how money is raised from taxpayers, set the direction of the UK’s economic policy and work to achieve strong and sustainable economic growth.

Influencing every policy across government, our work makes headlines every day and shapes our nation’s future.

In recent years we have been at the forefront of key policy areas for the United Kingdom, including the package of support during the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK’s response to the conflict in Ukraine, and tackling the cost-of-living crisis

Our specific priorities are:

  • reducing the deficit and rebalancing the economy
  • spending taxpayers’ money responsibly and ensuring value for money
  • creating a simpler, fairer tax system – alongside a well-functioning welfare system
  • creating stronger and safer banks
  • making corporate taxes more competitive
  • making it easier for people to access and use financial services
  • improving regulation of the financial sector to protect customers and the economy

With this incredibly broad remit, our work touches every citizen of the country. To ensure our advice reflects the needs of all our communities, it’s important that our employees come from the widest possible range of backgrounds – bringing us the widest possible range of perspectives and ways of thinking. Our aim is to be an open and accessible department, recruiting and retaining passionate, hard-working people from a diversity of backgrounds, who support and develop one another.

HM Treasury has a strong commitment to equality and diversity, with a range of active diversity networks. Playing an important role in raising awareness and changing attitudes, the initiatives they’re implementing are helping us to build a more inclusive culture where everyone can thrive and be themselves at work.

We encourage graduates with a 2.2 or above in any degree subject, and from all universities to apply.

Application Procedure

We welcome graduates with a 2.2 or above in any degree subject, and from all universities.