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Founded over 7 years ago, F&Y Consultant Ltd has made a huge impact in the consultancy domain. Constantly bringing about revolutionary policies and innovations through enhanced dedication, experience in career advice and support recruitment within the United Kingdom. This achievement is why F&Y Consultant Ltd takes a great deal of pride in making sure that every member of the F&Y Consultant team has acquired extensive training in support of their role.

Our unrivalled customer service is offered to an ever-growing population of clients. All of which, have now become successful in their chosen career path, enjoying a new life living and working in China.

Within F&Y Consultant we have set up a dedicated team responsible for training teachers to adapt to their new role. Extra follow-up services are included in the working packages we offer.

Finally, with an honest working style and a strong service team, F&Y Consultant Ltd focuses on client satisfaction as our main priority. For this reason, we constantly receive unanimous praise and feedback from our customer base and from the numerous corporate institutions we have helped and worked with.

F&Y Consultant Ltd has a working relationship with many different schools in China. We also work with TEFL recruitment agencies and UK job posting boards, and have done so since our foundation.