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Digital Futures is a purpose-led technology training and services company. Our mission is to transform the lives of others, helping individuals from all backgrounds acquire the necessary skills and confidence to start a career in technology.

We provide the opportunity for those with the right mindset and drive to reach their full potential, preparing them to become future leaders of the world’s most innovative companies.

By focusing on potential, as opposed to background or experience, we unlock exceptional talent and help the organisations we work with to build diverse and high-performing teams.

Our ultimate objective is to accelerate the transition to a skills-based economy and create an equitable future, and the opportunity to thrive in a digital world, for those who may have been previously overlooked.

Case Studies

  • Name: Catriona McGlynn

It’s been an exciting experience to see how a data team functions first hand, and to be able to play a meaningful part in it. In my current project, I get to be involved with data virtualisation and creating an API. I’ve especially enjoyed the insight I’ve had into the technical architecture of the project. Thanks to the team here at Digital Futures, I felt like I was set up for success. The collaboration between Digital Futures and the client partner has provided me with a strong support network in helping me to achieve my goals. With these strong foundations in place, I look forward to developing my skills as an engineer and to continue learning in my current role.

  • Name: Jarod Wilson

Digital Futures continue to develop and enhance my technical skills by sourcing and providing courses relevant to the projects I work on to ensure I deliver high quality work for our client, as well as offering the opportunity to obtain certifications in addition to the ones I have already been supported to achieve. Through regular one-to-one meetings with my engagement manager, I am able to provide updates as to how things are going, as well as share any concerns or problems I might have. We also have larger meetings with my fellow engineers deployed at the same organisation to stay connected, hear how they are getting on and share any useful information.Thanks to Digital Futures, my leap into a career in data has been extremely rewarding, and I am excited to see where my journey will take me.

  • Name: Pranay Alamalakala

My training with Digital Futures played a critical role in preparing me for this role – I am able to apply the theories and concepts I learned in a practical setting. Digital Futures continue to support me with upskilling, check-ins, regular development opportunities and access to a supportive community of alumni and trainers to help me continue growing professionally and achieve my career goals. Digital Futures provided me with an opportunity to upskill and make a career transition, which I believe has been the best decision of my professional life so far. I am so grateful for the opportunity and feel well-prepared to take on new challenges and continue to grow in my role.

  • Name: Raluca Dragomir

The first thing that excited me about Digital Futures was the mission statement. It seemed like the perfect place to get the skills I needed to break into the tech world. The application process was also amazing. At that point I was so used to lengthy application processes that took hours to complete. But applying to Digital Futures was fast and the process focused on my skills and thinking rather than my lack of experience. The Academy was challenging and rigorous, with loads of things to learn in just 12 weeks. However, it was also one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. The instructors were extremely supportive, and my peers were amazing. I still keep in touch with friends I made in the Academy! My favourite part was getting to work on fun projects with amazing people and get to bond with them.

  • Name: Shivam Sheth

The decision to start a career in tech has been wonderful for me; I am learning new skills every day and solving interesting problems. It has met all my expectations of work and has me excited to start each day! When moving client side there was a lot of support from Digital Futures. The Engagement Team met with me multiple times to make sure I was settling in and that I was developing professionally. I am glad I’ve ended up in a live service role, I think it suits me really well. The cross-disciplinary nature of the job allows me to apply the software, data and cloud architectural skills I learnt in the Academy and to improve them. The attention I was given in my starting weeks and months helped me to feel comfortable navigating this system. The work I do in the public sector has a positive impact on the whole country and is something I can take pride in!

Training & Profiles

What's on offer?

  • 12 weeks of free, expert-led training in software engineering or data science/engineering
  • Industry-recognised certifications to demonstrate your technical capability and skills to future employers
  • A 2-year industry placement working with one or more of our clients, giving you the experience you need to start your career
  • A guaranteed career path, with the opportunity to increase your earning potential as you progress
  • An opportunity to enhance your professional and personal development and to build a network within our community

Application Procedure

From application, through to assessment and interview, we are with you every step of the way

1. You apply
You can submit your application in one of our three application windows across the year. Outside of these periods you can register your interest and we will be in touch to let you know when you can apply.

2. You are assessed
Our assessment process has been designed to identify your strengths and cognitive capability in a series of task-based challenges which ensure that you are able to demonstrate your potential.

3. You are interviewed
You will be interviewed by a member of the Digital Futures team. Our interview process is personal, designed to be a two-way conversation so that you get to know us and we get to know you.

4. You are offered a place
A member of the Digital Futures team will give you a phone call offering you a place. You will then receive an offer letter and a contract outlining the key terms of your training period.


Do I need any previous education or experience in technology to apply?

No, you absolutely do not. We actively encourage people from all backgrounds to apply to our Academy. Our training is designed to upskill those without any previous experience in technology.

Do I have to pay for my training?

No, we are proud of the fact that our engineers do not pay for any training, professional certifications, or further learning as part of our commitment to create equal opportunities in technology.

What is my commitment to Digital Futures?

We make a significant investment in you, and every one of our engineers, so we expect you to finish your training and stay with Digital Futures during your 2-year placement with our clients.

Am I paid during the training period?

No, but you will be receiving world-class, industry-oriented training completely free of charge which will set you up for your successful career.

What will my salary be?

Once you become a permanent employee of Digital Futures your starting salary will be £27,500 per annum, with the opportunity of salary increases during your 2-year client placement

Can I apply to Digital Futures if I have a Student Visa (Tier 4) or a Skilled Worker Visa (Tier 2)?

Unfortunately not. We require that you have the right-to-work-in-the-UK status and you are able to evidence it as part of your onboarding into our Academy. We are also unable to accept applications from people who are still in the process of applying for a visa. We are currently unable to sponsor Tier 2 visa.

Can I apply if I am on a graduate visa?

Unfortunately not. We require that you have the right-to-work-in-the-UK status and you are able to evidence it as part of your onboarding into our Academy.