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Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy 2024 graduate opportunities

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At BEIS, we work to deliver the government’s vision at a time of momentous change. BEIS is a department at the heart of the government’s agenda, with an aim to deliver an economy that works for everyone.

In your role at BEIS, you could be directly involved in pivotal projects such as preparing for the UK’s departure from the European Union, leading the way to a low carbon future, or creating an economy which boosts productivity and earning power throughout the UK.

There is a broad range of exciting opportunities available across the department in priority policy. Entrants on our talent programmes will undertake placements in 2 of the different policy groups across BEIS, which are currently:

• EU Exit & Analysis
• Energy & Security
• Market Frameworks
• Business & Science
• Enterprise
• Energy Transformation & Clean Growth

BEIS prides itself on its inclusive, supportive working culture. We actively encourage each other to be open, honest and innovative, and champion diversity in everything that we do. Find more about BEIS’ support networks and commitment to diversity.

A learning environment where it is safe to ask questions, receive feedback and push yourself at your own pace is a key part of fostering this culture. Our employees receive ongoing support and encouragement from the start of their career with BEIS. From leadership potential to empowering under-represented groups with fairer opportunities, there will be something here for you.

So, if you’re ready to do something genuinely visionary with your career, apply today.

Training & Profiles

There are currently two development programmes at BEIS which graduates can apply to. These are the BEIS Graduate Programme and the Experienced Entrant Programme.

The BEIS Graduate Programme is aimed at recent graduates, who do not yet have significant work experience, but are able to demonstrate outstanding potential. Our Experienced Entrant Programme is aimed at those with significant and relevant work experience, who are looking change, restart or progress their careers in Policy within BEIS.

Both programmes include an extensive Learning & Development offer, including:

• Qualifications in either Leadership & Management or Policy
Induction weeks/fortnights. This will be an exciting introduction to working in Policy at BEIS, and an opportunity to get to know the 2019 cohort of BEIS Experienced Entrants. You can expect an introduction to working in Whitehall and Parliament, writing briefs, running workshops, talks from senior leaders, and much more.
Action learning sets. Action Learning Sets (ALS) are small groups of 6-8 people who meet regularly to discuss and share current challenges and issues from their current role. The set discuss, share support and suggest action to address the issues.
Regular Cohort Meetings – to get to know your cohort better, train, and share insight and challenges.
• First access to a range of exciting development opportunities within BEIS, such as seminars, interviewing, and volunteering opportunities.


At BEIS you can help shape the UK’s future, making contributions that will benefit people for years to come.

Our vision is an economy that works for everyone and central to this is delivering the Industrial Strategy. From Clean Growth to Artificial Intelligence, we aspire to be at the forefront of research and innovation, whilst ensuring there are great places in the UK for people to work, and for businesses to invest, innovate and grow.

At BEIS we are friendly, open and supportive. We encourage each other to be bold and innovative and are passionate about what we do. We want to nurture a diverse and inclusive environment where we value our people and the people we serve, whoever they are, wherever they are, and whatever they do.


What are the differences in expectation between the Graduate and Experienced Entrant Schemes?
Those on the Graduate Scheme enter at HEO grade, while Experienced Entrants start at SEO. Roles at SEO require significantly deeper levels of team and policy responsibility. SEOs will have greater stretch in terms of advisory responsibilities, which may cut across several policy areas. There is an expectation of more acute and mature judgement in the face of complex challenges, and a requirement in some circumstances to lead small policy teams of HEOs.

How many people do you expect to recruit?
We are expecting to recruit around 15 Graduates and 30 Experienced Entrants to start work at BEIS in 2019.

I’m a current Civil Servant, can I apply to these programmes?
Yes, current Civil Servants are welcome to apply so long as they meet the other selection criteria.

I’m not a recent graduate, can I still apply to the Graduate Programme?
You should have graduated within the last three years - if you have over 3 years relevant work experience, you should consider whether the Experienced Entrant Programme is a better match for your skills and experience.

Can I apply if I have a degree from another country?
We accept applications from candidates with overseas degrees, provided that they can supply evidence that their degree is at a comparable level to a British 2:2 classification. The National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) provides information about the comparability of different international qualifications.

Can I choose which part of BEIS I will be allocated to for my placements?
You will be given an opportunity to express preferences regarding your placements, but we allocate placements to successful candidates based on candidate background, experience, and the priority policy areas within the departments. We encourage applicants to keep an open mind to working in the wide variety of exciting policy areas in BEIS.

I didn’t obtain a 2:2 classification in my degree, can I continue with my application for the Graduate Scheme?
No – all BEIS Graduates are required to hold an undergraduate degree in any discipline within a minimum 2:2 classification by the time they start in role. This also applies to applicants who have a Master’s degree with a classification of 2:2 of above.

Do I need to have a degree to apply for the Experienced Entrant scheme?
No, but you do need to have relevant experience in an area while having developed the relevant skills for a SEO Policy role in BEIS. 

If I’m successful, can I defer my start date?
Graduate applicants: if you already know you aren’t available for work in September 2019 you should wait until next year to apply. 

Experienced Entrant applicants: you will be given the choice of starting in role either in April or July 2019. If you know you cannot start work at either of these times, you should wait until next year to apply.  

However, if you apply successfully and there’s been a change to your circumstances that means you’re unable to start at these times, you can contact the BEIS Recruitment Team to discuss the possibility of deferring your start date. Deferrals will be considered on a case by case basis and will be for a maximum of 12 months from when you indicated you could start on your application form. Where we do offer deferrals to 2020, the deferred job offer is provisional until we have confirmed approval for 2020 recruitment numbers.

If I have a disability, will this be taken into account during the assessment process?
Yes. During your application, you will have the opportunity to mention any disabilities you have and any adjustments you require. BEIS will take this into account and make whatever reasonable adjustments we can during the application process.

Where will I be based?
The majority of our roles will be based in 1 Victoria Street, Westminster. A minority of roles may be available elsewhere in London.

What will my working arrangements be?
Both programmes offer full time roles by default. Some roles may be available for part-time or flexible working arrangements. These can be discussed after offer stage on a one-by-one basis

How does the BEIS Graduate Scheme differ from the Civil Service Fast Stream? Are you part of the Fast Stream?
We are not part of the Civil Service Fast Stream, so you need to apply to us directly via this website. These are the main differences between BEIS’s graduate scheme and the Fast Stream:

The Civil Service Fast Stream offers a different learning and development package across government over a longer timeframe. At BEIS, our scheme is entirely policy focused and our candidates will undertake 2 12-month placements which will develop their policy experience purely within BEIS.